RADPAC Model Of Negotiation- Models And Strategies Of Negotiation


Introduction The RADPAC model is a kind of negotiation model which explains a certain process in which negotiation can be held. The negotiation model is largely used in Corporates and will be discussed later. For better understanding we need to know the other terms which are explained as follows : What is Negotiation? This concept … Read more

Product Hierarchy Example

Product Hierarchy Example

Introduction of Product Hierarchy Example Product hierarchy example is a part of marketing that explains how a product can be categorized using different tools. Knowledge of what happens under this head, we will start with the basic terms to get in-depth knowledge. What is the product?  A product is any tangible object which can be … Read more

Stability Strategy In Strategic Management-Meaning Reasons Example

Stability Strategy In Strategic Management

Strategic Management Strategic management is developing, implementing and controlling the strategy, which defines an organization intends to exist and why it will continue to exist. Still, the organization will maintain its competitive advantage. Strategic intent defines the organization’s actions towards achieving its vision. It motivates people. It clarifies the vision of the company. Strategy in … Read more

Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence Difference: Features And Effects


Self-esteem and self-confidence difference; It’s something that confuses many people many times, as these words look similar to most people. So, it’s difficult for them to look at both of these things differently. These words are very different and there, In their meaning and even in their implications in lives.   ‘Self-esteem and self-confidence difference; esteem … Read more

How To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Self Confidence

A key reason for not able to pursue our dreams and not able to come out of the fear of failure is our low self-confidence. Not able to believe in yourself makes doubt our efforts and our abilities to pursue things in our lives. Moreover, low self -confidence makes us waste our resources and energy … Read more

Things To Do In Lockdown| Quarantine

Things to do in lockdown

Things to do in lockdown: For the last couple of months, the world is seeing a new problem which is making our lives more dangerous and scary. Coronavirus has made the entire world to stop, paused our lives from running after things, busy and trying days. I think this is exactly what we all needed … Read more

Self Awareness Importance | Self Awareness

Self-Awareness Importance

Self-awareness is an ability to aware of own desires, feelings and skills. Self awareness importance to focus on yourself to improve interactions from others and abilities to achieve the desires. But, the problem with self-awareness is that it is self-analysis. Hurt people are so wrapped up in feelings and emotions that they neglect the feelings … Read more

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