Privacy Policy for thekeepitsimple

This privacy policy is only applied to the thekeepitsimple, not to any other website.

Privacy policy of thekeepitsimple is only applicable to the online activity of visitors and the information which visitors shares with us.

This privacy policy is created to protect the privacy and rights of the user and to elaborate what information we collect and where we use that information.


We recommend every user to check our privacy policy before using the website because by using the website you are giving us your consent to thekeepitsimple privacy policy and terms and condition.

Information we collect

When you provide any personal information to thekeepitsimple, the reason behind your information will be made very clear.

No personal information is collected without your consent.

And, In case you contact us personally we may get your additional personal information like- name, email, message or any attachment.

Where We Use Information

Here are areas where thekeepitsimple uses the information which it gathers from its users:

  • To make updations in the website
  • To build user-friendly experience
  •  Understand user behaviour on thekeepitsimple. We use Google analytics tool to analyze user experience.
  • To prevent any frauds


Cookies are the common concept of the internet and like any other website thekeepitsimple also uses cookies.

Cookies store the information- which pages user/visitors/ reader visited and their activities on those pages.  

This information helps us to optimize the user experience and a more user-friendly website.

Third-party may place ads on thekeepitsimple.

Cookies are used by the third-party to place ads on the website.

The third party often deploy persistent cookies, which enables them to understand about you and the location from you have been using the website.

This information enables them to present the advertisements in which you are interested.

Google is the third party vendor who uses cookies to display ads on our website.

DART cookies are used by Google which enables them to serve ads according to user visits sites and other websites over the internet.

You can visit Google ad and content network privacy policy and opt-out the use of the DART cookie.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

Any personal information which you have provided to us has never used as a product for trade or sell or transfer to outside parties.

We release your personal information only and if it is required by the law or to protect our website or customer.


Children’s Information

Another additional security we ask is for children using the internet.

It is recommended to parents about the monitor and to keep a regular check on their internet activity. never ask to fill any personal identity unless you contact us.

Any kid below age 13 has given us some information which is not meant for us.

We encourage you to tell us; we will do our best to remove that information.


We have the right to bring any changes to our website privacy policy.

Contact Information

If there is any query related to you can contact us using the following link:



email at-

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