How To Boost Your Self-Confidence

A key reason for not able to pursue our dreams and not able to come out of the fear of failure is our low self-confidence. Not able to believe in yourself makes doubt our efforts and our abilities to pursue things in our lives. Moreover, low self -confidence makes us waste our resources and energy worrying about the results. So, the question is how to boost your self-confidence.

When you feel confident enough you can devote your time and energy to work which important. So, there will be a boost in your performance with fresh confidence. Eventually, believing in yourself gives you a clear understanding of the areas in your lives which needs more attention. Self- Confidence empowers you to follow your dreams. Here are some tips which can help you to boost your self-confidence.


1. Don’t Make comparisons

In this social media generation, we all tend to compare ourselves with other people. However, we all forget that nobody likes to share the sad reality of their lives and we believe that we don’t have any achievements in our lives as compared to others. Making a comparison with others makes us lose our self-worth and makes us find all the flaws. Thinking and comparing yourself making you experience envy. Instead of thinking about others start looking within yourself and start working on things which are needs to be improved or changed. Plus, start working on things which you want to achieve and improve about yourself.


2.Set goals to boost self-confidence

One of the basic reason to feel low motivated is not being able to achieve the goal in our life. We start doubting ourselves more when something goes wrong. To come back, start setting goals small or achievable that doesn’t matter this will give you some good ego boost which is required to everybody to believe in your self once again. These goals can be anything like making yourself try something new clothing style or push yourself to go out and meet people. Setting these goals not only gives you confidence but also makes you know your abilities. Moreover, it makes to push our boundaries and to try new things in life

3.Self- Doubt is a Blessing 

There are few things which we like to do in our life but we never feel confident, we always doubt ourselves. It is a good thing doubting yourself. It makes us work even harder to achieve what we want. It helps you to practice your work. We always have things we want in lifelike, promotion, a girl or boy, a college etc. All we have to in life is to practice or work hard. If you like to have a promotion in life, start working hard in life keep doing your work. It makes you focus on your work. So, keep working in life until you feel a hundred per cent confident to get those things.

4.Self-Compassion is must

Self- compassion means to treat yourself with kindness and love when you face some trouble or failure in life. People generally treat themselves very harshly and feel pity. All these make them self doubt, low self-esteem, failures in life. What you need to do instead is to realise that failures are part of the journey instead of just feeling pity start analyse to find where you made the mistake. Learn from that mistake to boost your confidence. For instance, treating yourself harshly after a breakup is never fruitful, instead, find what went wrong a reason behind that thing to learn from that thing and coming out from a bad phase.

5.Groom yourself

It seems like a good option, right? Grooming can be basics as well, like taking showers, shaves, setting hairs etc., gives the basic freshness every day. So, think grooming yourself from heart, mind and soul as well. grooming is not only dressing nicely and looking good. Behaving nicely, removing any hate from our mind and heart. You will feel empowered, confident and presentable. Now, dressing nicely means something different for everyone, it could mean casual clothes that are nice looking and presentable.

6.Think Positive

Positive attitude in a person creates an optimistic mindset in life difficult situations which occur in a person’s life it brings positive attitudes in personality which brings achievement. The view of optimism leads the person to have a better understanding of things and to acquire new skills. It makes you empower to look at things positively and gives you hope and boost your self-confidence to work and to go after your dreams.

7.Get to know yourself

To defeat your enemies, it’s important to know your enemy. So, if you want to defeat your low self-confidence, know your reasons for low-confidence. Plus, to know yourself gives you the idea of self-image. Writing journal each day or starting writing things which are bothering you in life is one my personal way to know what is wrong. It helps you to understand your positives and negative. It will boost your confidence by knowing what you are good at and what things you need to change.  One another thing you can do is to know your limitations and reasons behind why these limitations are there and how they are causing you troubles. Dig deep in yourself, to know small traits and things about yourself and to gain self-confidence.

8.Change small habit

Need to start with small habits, to bring big changes in yourself. It can be waking up an hour early, drinking water etc.  Practice this habit for a month, after that you feel like a necessary thing to do in a day.

9. Smile More

A weird solution but it works really fast. Why do we always have to keep a serious face? Why do we have to find a reason to smile? A smile makes your face muscles expand and gives your mind a signal and it generates happy thoughts and memories which brings more smiles on your face and makes you happy. All this gives you a good perspective to look at things and makes it easy to boost self-confidence.



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