Difference Between Bail and Bond

Difference Between Bail And Bond

Difference between bail and bond can be highlighted by using various parameters like nature of money, definition of both concepts etc. Bail explains the security of assurance to release a convict from police custody temporarily until he has to appear for the court judgement while involving 3rd party is termed as bond.

Annuity Due Table | Ordinary Annuity And Annuity Due

Annuity Due Table

Annuity due table refers to the method through which an investor gets quick reference about how the investment must be planned keeping the time value of money in mind. However, the table is different in both present and future value of annuity due along with a brief explaination about annuity due vs ordinary due.

Present Value of Annuity Due Table | Annuity Due

Present Value of Annuity Due Table

Present value of annuity due table is a method that gives a quick reference to calculate present value of annuities. The discussion gives a brief about annuity and its kind in detail. Present value talks about the figure after specified period with respect to current value.

3 Stages Of Money Laundering

Money Laundering

3 stages of money laundering describe the activities and the process, how a criminal organization performs series of activities to make the illegal money look clean. As the entire process is illegal and punishable in almost every country of the world. So, in this blog, we will explain how the process usually takes place and how the world started initiated to make all these 3 stages of money laundering illegal.

What is Prime Broker?- Services And Prime Brokerage Agreement

What is Prime Broker

Prime Brokers basically refers to large bank or investment company providing services to hedge funds like risk management, settlements etc. The prime brokerage agrreent happens with the helps of prime brokers for which they charge fees. Also, there are some roles and services of prime brokers that are discussed.

Mutual funds vs Hedge funds

The concept of mutual funds vs hedge funds determines the points of differences between the two terminologies. The basis for the same can be flexibility, investors, objectives, fund manager, redemption, fees and so on. This classifies that though both the funds need investment and are adopted for earning returns yet they stand at different places in the market.

Prime Broker Account- Role And Services

Prime Broker Account

Prime broker account mainly acts as an intermediary which can be an investment company or a large bank offering services relating to hedge funds. The service can be online trade execution, securities lending, risk management etc. There are various kinds of prime brokers in the market depending upon the requirements of the client.

Margin of Safety Percentage

Margin of Safety

Overview of margin of safety percentage Margin of safety percentage refers to the method by which the margin of safety is calculated. As a result, there needs to be a brief understanding of the break-even analysis and the concept of margin of safety which are as follows: Break-even point  The break-even level or break-even point (base … Read more

Banking Domain Concepts

Banking Domain Concepts

Definition of banking domain concepts Banking domain concepts refers to the various areas or components for which the knowledge is collected to understand how the specific field or banking segments operate around the products and services, sales and distribution, customers, process, technology and people.  Brief about the Banking Domain Concepts A bank is a regulated and … Read more

Prime Brokerage Accounting

Prime Brokerage Accounting

Definition of Prime brokerage accounting Prime brokerage accounting refers to dealing with a bunch of services that financial institutions and investment banks offer to large investment clients, private equity firms, wealthy investors and hedge fund that require borrowing of cash or securities to engage in netting for absolute returns. The services covered under prime brokerage … Read more