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Self-awareness is an ability to aware of own desires, feelings and skills. Self awareness importance to focus on yourself to improve interactions from others and abilities to achieve the desires. But, the problem with self-awareness is that it is self-analysis. Hurt people are so wrapped up in feelings and emotions that they neglect the feelings of others. We get forced to just focus on our personal needs and want. Self-awareness is not just knowing yourself and closing your eyes from the rest of the world.

Self-awareness is knowing yourself and the impact of your actions on others and others impact on yourself. A person needs to develop a process of aligning their feelings, thoughts, their behaviours with their internal standards. 

In another or it can be said as that being aware of your personality, thoughts, feelings and what actually you are expecting from yourself. Creating an awareness brings guidance and structure for the path on which a person wants to walk on their whole life.

Self-awareness usually distributed in three levels to simplify the self-analysis. Here is some importance of self-awareness:

Self Awareness Increases Social Skills

Self-awareness makes the creation of relations more successful. It can make us aware of the things we expect from other people. It creates emotional intelligence. Lacking emotional intelligence in your social habits creates conflicts with people. And, to boost your emotional intelligence by understanding personal ups and downs in emotions. It gives the power to improve the way we handle our relations.

Self awareness importance reflects when we know how our actions impact on other people, what impact we leave on other people. Like if we think that we had an amazing chat with someone and there is a possibility of future connection. But in reality, you had a horrible impact on that person and the other person didn’t have the ability to say that thing to you. 

A strong self-awareness about your self gives you the ability to actually know about your ability how you deliver a conversation to another person and how the other person is taking you.

Self Awareness gives the ability to learn new things

It creates awareness about the skills and the quality of adaption person can learn. It gives the power to relies upon the level of satisfaction person have in their lives and the things which they want in their life. Moreover, it helps in understanding the requirements which a person needs to survive, grow in their careers, relations. This ability makes the person think what makes them learn new skills and how these skills will benefit in future.

Self-awareness importance comes to understanding when it tells us about the thing is where we lack and we need to make improvements to grow. A person with high self-awareness has high ability to adapt to new things. 

For example in the case of a businessman: he comes actress many different things which are changing with customers, technology. The only way to survive and make a successful business, in the long run, he has to keeps on changing and adapt according to new things. And, to have this ability of adaptation a person needs high self-awareness.  

Self Awareness Open Minds

One of the best self-awareness importance can give to us, which I feel is the ability, open mind in people which gives the room for adaptability. Adaptability in person brings changes in them and let them grow as a person. As discussed in above point self-awareness gives the ability. Similarly, self-awareness gives the ability to acknowledge the change which is happening around you. 

People with low self-awareness are more stubborn, hates when things change. Moreover, their ability to view changes which have taken place in around them is negligible. 

Self-awareness is the link of your inner thoughts with emotions and behaviour, so the stronger this connections means more you are aware of your thoughts and about things which are around you. As a result, it gives you the direction where the world is heading and what new thing is going to you very soon. 

And, self-growth is the key for the person to have the courage to take up the new things in life. An open-minded person has to ability accepts opinions, feedbacks, criticism and work hard and improve their drawbacks. As a result, you will have many solutions to a single problem.


Self Awareness Increases Productive Hours

A person who is very well well aware of themselves knows about their strengths and weakness in life. This helps them to remove the obstacles in day to day life. Not knowing yourself comes as a challenge when a person is facing any challenging or uncertain situation. Not knowing thing can cause a lot of waste in resources(time, money) and it promotes the delays in decisions.

Self-awareness importance can be recognised on regular bases when we know about ourself our behaviour, our ability to work and even about our patience level. 

Knowing this information tells you how much time it takes you to get frustrated by doing the same thing. This activity helps you to know your focus period which can help you to recognise when should you have the break periods in work and at what time you are most focused.

So, spend some times while working and knowing how much of distractions impacts work and what things help to boost focus.


In last, I believe building a strong awareness between our presence of our mind and our behaviour and emotions to have a balance between the emotions, behaviour to our inner thoughts. So, the other and even yourself perceive you correctly. 

I believe self-awareness builds process needs to be started at the very beginning of life as long the person is aware of their self stronger their self-awareness. 

It not only gives the ability to adapt but also it makes you understand your potential of yourself.

By this process, understanding the self awareness importance will come naturally to you.    

 Hope you like my thoughts about self-awareness and you found out useful!!





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