Product Management

Product Management

What is product management? Product management is a process of strategically working on every stage of the product development lifecycle- from research and development to testing of the product to positioning to customers. Product management acts as a bridge between the business and the customer.  They need to understand the business goals and objectives, as … Read more

How to Create a Knowledge Management Strategy?

knowledge management

Knowledge management means properly passing the organizational information into a system. It helps the organizations by providing the essential knowledge to the employees. This allows the companies to enhance their operational productivity and make them more independent. If you would like to know about this phenomenon, then you should thoroughly read this blog. In this … Read more

Flexibility Manufacturing System – Objectives and Benefits & levels of FMS

Flexibility Manufacturing System

Flexibility manufacturing system describes the adaption to changes by an organisation for production purpose using technology or strategies. There are three different levels or components of the manufacturing flexibility. Moreover, the advantages of using the system for moving along with market chnages and limitations to use the method are discussed and studied.

Management Planning Examples | Importance And Types of Plans

Management Planning Examples

Management planning examples refer to the different demos that can be quoted who used the primary function of management i.e planning to achieve the objectives of an organisation. Along with the importance and types of plans discussed, there are few limitations attached that cannot be ignored.

Portfolio Analysis in Strategic Management

portfolio analysis in strategic management

What is portfolio analysis in strategic management? Portfolio analysis in strategic management involves analyzing every aspect of the product mix to identify and evaluate all products or service groups offered by the company on the market and to prepare detailed strategies for each part of the product mix to improve the growth rate. It can … Read more

Portfolio Analysis- 7 Methods And Techniques For Product Position

Portfolio Analysis

What does Portfolio Analysis mean? When a company markets different kinds of products, its get essential for the company to analyse each product or service separately to understand their contribution towards the company’s profitability & income. Such analysing is referred to as portfolio analysing. Portfolio analysis is mostly done on the bases of pre-defined bases … Read more

Stability Strategy In Strategic Management-Meaning Reasons Example

Stability Strategy In Strategic Management

Strategic Management Strategic management is developing, implementing and controlling the strategy, which defines an organization intends to exist and why it will continue to exist. Still, the organization will maintain its competitive advantage. Strategic intent defines the organization’s actions towards achieving its vision. It motivates people. It clarifies the vision of the company. Strategy in … Read more