Things To Do For Self Growth: Top 10 Self-Improvement Ideas & Goals

Things To Do For Self Growth: We all think about self-development plans in our life to make ourselves a better person. But, we are never able to find out what sort of things to do for self growth? Or in which direction we need to work?

Following the same patterns or not letting yourself to accept the change in life makes the person rigid. Moreover, this can make you sit on the sideways of life and stops your personal and professional development. 

Self-Development is an integral part of the world and everyone has to work to make themselves better to survive in the environment. It gives you the power of adaptability, the ability to learn new skills and grow.

Self-Improvement Ideas & Goals are not just restricted to the one dimension of the personality it can be physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally, personally. 

When it comes to a self-improvement plan most of the people give up at the very first step and question themselves what are things to do for self growth?

At the very first step you need to stand up in front of the mirror and need to tell yourself that “you can do this”, “you have the ability to do this”. 

Top 10 Things To Do For Self Growth:

I believe these are the top 10 things to do for self growth which anybody can do on their own at any point of their lives.

Things To Do For Self Growth
Things To Do For Self Growth

Start Accepting Your Past And Failures 

Thinking about the future and future self-improvement ideas is not the thing to start your journey. The first tip for things to do for self growth you need to acknowledge and accept what has been done.

Accepting the heartbreak, low marks in school, increment problems in the office etc. We all have seen these issues in life at any point of life, but before we start moving on to something else we all need to heal the pain from the past. 

People usually don’t get enough credit or praise for letting themselves heal from the pain of past failures. I personally believe it takes a lot of courage and hard work to heal from any kind of downfall and healing from these situations helps you to grow as a person and this is one of the biggest self-improvement examples from which most of us go through. This is the reason to make this as the top priority on things to do for self growth.

To heal from past pain or failure acknowledge every single thing or pain and understand what went wrong in that situation. Afterwards, look within yourself to know what are things which still bothers you and you want to change.

Note that every single thing here is your personal list for things to do for self growth.

Love Yourself

We all have read hundreds of articles and heard about this concept in our entire life. But, the important question is 

Do we actually love ourselves??

Self Love
Self Love

This is the utmost priority for all of us, to give yourself time, to give yourself each and everything which is needed. Secondly, you can’t be ashamed of things which makes you happy, you have to be proud of every single inch of yourself. 

Self-love, nurturing yourself, not compromising yourself sounds just too perfect for this world. Isn’t it? 

We all forget these things many times in our lives but I think that it’s ok to sometimes forget yourself as well to enjoy other things around us. All we need to remember is that we all need to come home after some time.

The concept doesn’t end here, we all know about giving time to yourself, taking care of yourself in self-love. But what about the regrets or negatives or unfortunate things etc?

When you start building your list of things to do for self growth make sure that in the top three ‘Be grateful/thankful for what I am today’ must be there.

Personal improvement idea is not built entirely on the good things which are there. Personally, I am always more thankful for the tough lessons, downfalls, heartbreaks in life they teach us more valuable lessons, makes us more courageous and most importantly that nothing is perfect in this world, so it’s ok if something goes wrong.


By now, we had made peace with our past and falling in love with ourselves. Next thing on things to do for self growth is to analyse yourself and by that, I mean every small thing. This not only helps you to move forward in your life but also tells you how much your past still bothers you. So, it’s a good way to know are you over your ex?

Self-awareness is being aware of your every characteristic and emotions. People usually start their list of things to do for self growth with self-awareness because things can only start to change when you know what needs to change.

It makes you a more understanding person, being consciously aware of yourself makes you aware of the emotions and gives you the power to empathize and to understand another person’s perspective.

Communication is another self-improvement goal which every person believes always has the scope of improvement, the solution to this is self-awareness. Having control over your emotions and mind makes you calmer in nature which gives you the ability to communicate well in life.

If you believe that you are in a good space in your life, you don’t have regrets or any pain to overcome. Then start your list of things to do for self growth from this point and then there is a possibility that you will go to the point one while doing this. The process from point 1 to 3 feels like a loop sometimes. It’s ok….that’s the process of Self-Improvement.

Put Your Mind In Peace

This sound like a difficult thing and might sound not relevant to the topic but let’s make some peace.

People put a lot of pressure on themselves to make changes and make things go as fast as possible.

 But wait and just think for a second does this ever work?

Don’t we need concentration to work, don’t we need the patience to work with full efficiency? 

Removing distraction from your life, unnecessary thinking, Overthinking things will make your mind so occupied that it can’t generate enough space for things like to learn new skills or thinking optimistically.

Reason for making this point in things to do for self growth is to clear things from life which are not needed.

Put Your Mind In Peace
Put Your Mind In Peace

I personally believe that removing things which are there in my life is more difficult than bringing new things. The self-improvement plan is not just about learning new things and bringing new things in life.

Making yourself less distracted during work, not going towards that phone while working, increasing your concentration power is one of the best things to do for self growth.

Fewer distractions, more concentration makes your mind more relaxed and it feels it gives more time in life.

Not only this, a peaceful mind gives the ability to make better decisions in life and good vision to analyse things around you.

Start Setting Goals

Goal setting is not only applicable to long term goals like in the next five years or after ten years but what about the process to reach there?

 Don’t you think that long term goal is too vague?

Divide your work into smaller and smaller targets, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly targets.

For example when you are thinking about self-development strategies write down all the things to do for self growth and form a list in order in which you need them, after that every single thing from that list needs to be broken into smaller time frames. Like, think and analyse what you need to do and by what time things will be done.

Setting goals gives you the vision and the path where you have to work and which direction you need to work. Moreover, goals give the plan to work.

Goal setting in life gives a person purpose and the strength to work, a good way to measure your progress.

Another reason to include this in your things to do for self growth is to work on your daily self-improvement. People these days like to keep the track of their progress regularly and to work on yourself regularly. 

This is why I believe this is one of the most important things which needs to be there in every person’s list of things to do for self growth. Plus, every person should do this in their life.

Keep Positive Atmosphere Around You

Generally, people think it’s not in our hands to actually keep people in a positive mind and an optimistic attitude. Actually, the answer to this is yes, it’s not in your hand. But, to keep them in life is in your hand. Don’t ever hesitate to act on this in your life.

While forming the list of things to do for self growth this point stands with a lot of importance. Because to show the positive impact of these activities in life it is important to have a positive mindset. Otherwise, people with a demoralising attitude can give you a very hard time to complete your self-improvement goals.

positive atmosphere
positive atmosphere

Actually, not every person in the world is not this lucky to just remove such a person out of their life so easily. But, this gives more things to do for self growth. To talk with the person to tell them how their actions are causing pain in your life. Even after your conversation, there is no change in a person, then start maintaining your distance with the person, you did everything you can do. If they truly want to be a part of your life, they will.

Self-improvement topics are always something which sounds very simple in life but while implementing it takes a lot of courage and hard work. 

Reason for including this in things to do for self growth is human nature, we all need social connections and we all have a huge influence from our surroundings. It’s important to build a positive environment to achieve self-improvement goals.   

Build A Healthier Lifestyle

A healthier lifestyle is not just about going to the gym and having good physical fitness…..No!! Just NOO!!!

Healthier lifestyle refers to the person’s eating patterns, sleeping time, exercise patterns, personal hygiene, home decor, clothing and pretty much each and everything in your life. 

Start your self-improvement goals by redefining things in your life. Each and everything named above has a huge impact on a person’s life. We all know the benefits of healthier food, now also look for what you are eating in your every meal. Each food item has its own benefit if they are eaten on their time. 

While building your own things to do for self growth include these things, which are super easy to do and the impact is huge.

Activities of personal hygiene are always recommended to do in the morning time, this is because it gives a fresh energy boost. So, doing this in the morning will help you all day to stay active and focused. 

Self-improvement ideas can be fun like redecorating your home or changing wardrobe. These things have a huge impact, and if you believe these things don’t matter to you, I will still recommend you to do so. It will be fun for you to add this in things to do for self growth. New clothes or new home decor makes you feel new and fresh which boost your energy and confidence.

Find Activities Which Makes You Calmer

I am not just saying do meditation…NO!!

It is your list for things to do for self growth, you need to find yourself what is your self-development list, you need to find this on your own.

The world can give you examples but it doesn’t mean it will work on everyone. Each and everyone has their own thing to work on. Personally, I added cooking in my list of things to do for self growth. While cooking I learnt to have patience because everything has its own time. Doing something before or after the required time will only make things worse. Plus, the wait to see and the final dish teaches you how important it is to be focused and calm.

The world can guide you in the direction in which you can work to achieve your goal, but it’s you who needs to decide how and when you want to start your journey.

Activities Make You More Calm
Activities Make You Calmer

When we all start thinking about the changes that we can make in life, there is one which remains the constant, more focus. When you increase your patience it helps you to retain yourself to be focused on work.

In your things to do for self growth list, you can add meditation, cooking, walking alone without any earphones or any music, play chess.  

Self-development things for every single person are different, it’s not necessarily someone else’s example will work with you.

Don’t Hesitate From Learning New Things 

This is something everyone feels very basic and must for self-development, but still most struggle with the most basic thing. What should I learn?

If you struggle to find the thing which you can learn, start from scratch. Do you know all of your household chores? It’s ok to start from this basic…. It’s not late.

 These days the number of soft skills which are available on the internet is like mine for knowledge instead of putting learning something new, write that one thing which sounds really fascinating in your things to do for self growth list.

Learning some photo editor, coding, some instrument or anything can be one of the things to do for self growth.

Hesitation for finding new things and learning is understandable, people get nervous about the results. If you remove the worry about the results and just focus on learning and the experience, it will boost your self-improvement plan and that is all we want to do.

Learning new things in life doesn’t have to be related to your professional life. There are things in our life which we want to do, just because we want to do that. That’s it … that’s the whole reason for doing. The idea of self-improvement is to give yourself time and make yourself learn new things is a good start. 

So, start doing things for yourself and make your list of things to do for self growth smaller.


Not just your things to do for self growth list but everything. Writing a journal or about your feelings sounds very tiring and a lot of time taking. These are the most common myths.

Actually, writing is the most rewarding and soul-fulfilling work.

In starting you may find this work a little boring because of lack of events to write or you may don’t get words to describe. Afterwards, when you start writing about your day and your emotions you will feel a lot lighter.

You will actually feel self-development in your mind.


Writing an online journal, diary, blog etc this is something important to include in things to do for self growth. 

Writing is something in which a person can monitor their daily self-improvement and analyze their emotional and mental state. 

As I said earlier in my blog that each person has their own things to do for self growth you should do this thing in your own way. I mean, if you don’t feel comfortable with words every time then in that movement let it be. Everything can’t be explained in words.

Now Onwards, when you feel anger or frustration, try instead of lashing out on somebody just write down in your journal to make your emotions move out of your body.

Conclusion for things to do for self growth

Here are some of my top 10 things to do for self growth which can be followed by any person. 

Once you start thinking about bringing change, start with your self-improvement plan and write down each and everything you want to write down with the title of things to do for self growth. Afterwards, develop your self-development strategies to achieve your self-improvement goals.

If you think there is something which you did and was very successful then let me know your things to do for self growth. 

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