Demand Forecast Methods – Demand forecasting with Examples

Demand Forecast Methods

Demand forecast methods explain the advance steps taken to analyse the future or expected demands by the company. There are various ways used by the organisations depending on the need of the business. This is further explained with example in detail to elaborate the concept of demand forecasting tehniques.

Voidable Contract Examples- Contract and its Types

Voidable Contract

Voidable contract examples refers to the valid contract which gets rejected at the option of aggrieved party. There is a mutual agreement between the parties which is enforceable by law but stand voidable on grounds of misrepresentation, fraud, coercion, mistake etc. however, it depends on the unbound party to decide at the point whether to make the contract voidable or fulfil the contract obligations by noting on specified issues.

Environmental Scanning in Strategic Management

Environmental Scanning in Strategic Management

Definition of environment scanning Environmental scanning in strategic management is termed as the utilisation and possession of information regarding patterns, relationships, occasions and trends within a company’s external and internal environment that impact the future and current strategies. An environment should be scanned to determine forecasts and growth of the factors that influence an organisation’s success. … Read more

Demerger Example, Meaning, Reasons, Type, Advantage & Disadvantage

Demerger Example

Definition Of Demerger Demerger example can be quoted in different ways depending upon the type of the demerger. However, we need to discuss some basic definitions to get a better understanding. A demerger meaning is termed as the transfer of business undertakings to another company. Therefore, the company that receives the undertakings is called the … Read more

RADPAC Model Of Negotiation- Models And Strategies Of Negotiation


Introduction The RADPAC model is a kind of negotiation model which explains a certain process in which negotiation can be held. The negotiation model is largely used in Corporates and will be discussed later. For better understanding we need to know the other terms which are explained as follows : What is Negotiation? This concept … Read more