About Me

 Hey. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.

I’m from New Delhi and I have always been in this city. By this day, I want to say I know this place by heart but I still feel I can’t. Over the years this city has grown so much on me that now it will be difficult for me to call any other city my home. People find it strange but the noise, metro, race trap of big cities feel comfortable and home to me.

I am an MBA graduate in marketing due to this, I was introduced to website creation and web planning. Since high school, I have always been in the business management field and it always interests me how the world actually works. 

However, being interested and keen for knowledge about the world is not enough to actually make it work in this world. It takes a lot of mental presence and ability to adopt new things and concepts and a whole a lot of world knowledge to make it right.

While doing my MBA I realised every student goes with the same thing and at the same time when I was learning about the websites creations and digital marketing I realised there are many students out there who need help in getting motivated and things they can do for self-growth and the concepts, interesting facts, case studies related to the business world.

While going through my studies and graduations I have spent a lot of time in finding the perfect book or platform to find all my solutions….and oh man this was aways a great headache to find the perfect place to find all my solutions. And this became another reason to build this website.

A perfect place to find all your solutions and things to read if you are the student or you want to know anything related to this field. thekeepitsimple.com is started from this very same idea to keep the problem of finding things very simple. 

Hope you find my blogs useful and helpful!!!


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