Nike Brand Positioning

Nike Brand Positioning

Nike is one of the world’s best athlete wear manufacturing and supplying companies. From the daily workout clothing & shoes to the signature shoes & sportswear, Nike designs everything. Nike has collaborated with various famous sports athletes globally in every sport. After working from 1964, Nike brand positioning was established for a few years. Nike … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Nike Brand Strategy

Nike Brand Strategy

Are you also looking for a Nike brand strategy and want to adopt them? If Yes, then you’re at the right place! Nike is a global success brand that has gone through a long journey to success. Nike is a massive success due to its highly researched brand strategies. And, we don’t need to tell … Read more

Iowa Electronic Markets – People who use IEM

Iowa Electronic Markets

Iowa electronic markets is termed as a experimental market which is not similar to the normal futures markets. It is often used to predict political election results, providing more accuracy than the traditional election poll system. Moroever, the markets are varying into three markets which are discussed further.

FedEx Human Resources

FedEx Human Resources

The philosophy of creating FedEx human resources and putting people first pays handsome dividends in course of time helping the company to top the list of fortune. There are basically four human resource strategies followed by the company which are studied further.

Starbuck Business Model – structure and strategies to work

Starbuck Business Model

Starbuck Business model refers to the management work of the company to run the business successfully with an initiative to generate creative idea of dark premium coffee and customer satisfaction. It further includes the areas of distribution or segmentation and the marketing strategies of Starbucks.

Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility is diversified into several projects mostly related to the environment and agriculture. Which are spread all over the country. One of the basic objectives of Coca Cola CSR is sufficiency and sustainability.

Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone Case Study

Introduction Vodafone Case study describes the situation when  Idea Cellular and Vodafone after the entrance of JIO. So, here is the Vodafone case study which describes the position of Vodafone and Idea Cellular before and post-merger, reasons for the merger, how did merger take place and critical analyses of the merger. About Vodafone  Vodafone company … Read more

Zoho Email Marketing


Definition of Zoho email marketing Zoho email marketing automation software is for all business sizes for management and development. The parent company Zoho initially offers an application for CRM ( Customer Relationship Management), productivity, customer service, invoicing and project management. Also, it redesigned Zoho campaigns with a variety of new features like email templates and … Read more

Airbnb Marketing Strategy- Complete Case Study

Airbnb Marketing Strategy

Air Bed And Breakfast Airbnb marketing strategy starts with the name of the company. Air Bed and Breakfast(Airbnb ) is based in San Francisco, California. It operates in an online marketplace and provides services like homestays, vacation rentals for holidays and vacation activities etc. Bookings for these stays and activities can be booked on the … Read more

Business Analyst Case Study

Business Analyst Case Study

Overview Business analyst case study is used to give near-world exposure to a business analyst. So, in this post, we will be discussing what is business analysis, what is business analysis, and what are the requirements and strategies of an analyst. Plus, a business case analysis example for better understanding. Let’s start with understanding what … Read more

Zomato Marketing

Zomato Marketing Business Model

Overview Zomato marketing considers one of the most successful & inspiring campaigns. Zomato initially started as a restaurant search and discovery tool. Over the years it has become an internet platform for meal delivery. Zomato has left a lasting impression on almost every customer, and through intensive & detailed marketing strategies has stood them out … Read more

Flipkart And Myntra Merger Case Study: Reasons And Post-Merger

Flipkart and Myntra merger case study

Overview Flipkart and Myntra merger case study brought the two biggest e-tailers of India together. The merger made it possible for both investors Flipkart and Myntra to strengthen their parts. Thus Flipkart strengthened its structure of product offering while Myntra got a chance to leverage its infrastructure. Moreover, the Flipkart and Myntra merger case study … Read more