Business Analyst Case Studies

Business Analyst Case Studies

Overview Business analyst case studies are used to give a near world exposure of a business analyst. So, in this post, we will be discussing what is business analysis, what is the business analyst, what are the requirements and strategies of an analyst. Plus, a business case analysis example for better understanding. Let’s start with … Read more

Zomato Marketing

Zomato Marketing Business Model

Overview Zomato marketing initially started with the growing use of mobile phones in the late 2000s. Further, which increased the opportunities for facilities that the magic box can provide to the users. However, the company took time to grow with a new idea to develop which is presented below: Zomato Marketing Case Study Just like … Read more

Flipkart And Myntra Merger Case Study: Reasons And Post-Merger

Flipkart and Myntra merger case study

Overview Flipkart and Myntra merger case study brought the two biggest e-tailers of India together. The merger made it possible for both investors Flipkart and Myntra to strengthen their parts. Thus Flipkart strengthened its structure of product offering while Myntra got a chance to leverage its infrastructure. Moreover, the Flipkart and Myntra merger case study … Read more