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Things to do in lockdown: For the last couple of months, the world is seeing a new problem which is making our lives more dangerous and scary. Coronavirus has made the entire world to stop, paused our lives from running after things, busy and trying days. I think this is exactly what we all needed in life to stop and to change things in our lives. Staying home doesn’t mean we can’t make ourselves productive, it doesn’t need to be waste of time. Moreover, sticking to just one thing and not making yourself productive and positive in this time it will make it harder to start a normal life after quarantine. Here are some things to do in lockdown:

Things to do in lockdown
Things to do in lockdown

1. Find old stuff while cleaning your house

One of the most important thing these days is cleanliness and sanitizing things which we touch. But, cleaning houses and almirah can reunite you to some old stuff which can bring out the memories and old desires which were never fulfilled. So what we need to do is clean our houses which will already take a lot of you time and reconnect to the stuff which we kept on the back of our almirah and not only think about why that things never worked out but to act on them this time.

There doesn’t need to be a life-changing idea is lying behind our mess. That’s ok, it can be some memories. Think, we all have our slam books or yearbooks lying somewhere, why not bringing them out? why not reading them once again? Are you really happy with all the changes? You want to still change something or undo some changes? Isn’t this the perfect time to take action?

2. Taking action on things which we always wanted

People across the globe are lockdown, the entire world has stopped. Isn’t this a perfect time to start those things which never got materialized? We all had somethings in our life which we wanted to learn, trying new things, starting your own business. Again make yourself realize that one thing which is missing in your life. While wondering what to do in quarantine think about the path on which you are currently moving.

A lot of people think about starting a blog, youtube channel, becoming influencer but never got the time from office or classes. Now, it’s the perfect time to take action, if you even stuck between ideas or how to start. Start exploring ideas and take action. These days it’s not even difficult to research and establishing things. Not only this, most people have that one or two things in life which made us excited and always wanted to learn more. Why not start looking at those topics online?

3. Reconnect to Old Friends

In this time where every person is wondering at home what to do, why not giving a surprise to old school and college friends. Every person have the same reason for losing school and college friends, life kept on moving and it gets harder to keep in touch with all people. We always get so much busy in our work that we never get time to sit and have a phone call to our friends.

We all have some people in our lives from which we lost contact due to regular work or we had some fights in the past but it never got resolved. In quarantine give a call or drop a message to those lost friends. Ask them whether they find in these difficult situations. What are the things they are doing at home to keep themselves productive? Why not contacting those people as well we had stupid fights with, all we needed time to listen to them, we got plenty of that now!! Resolve those fights and matters.

4.Learn Household Work

Things to do at home? Things to do in lockdown? Learn household work., it is as simple as that. For example, learning cooking we don’t have to restrict ourselves to basic cooking, it can go as far as we want to. Moreover, give leaves to people involved in our house help, to keep them safe. This will make you us to cook food on our own, clean the entire house on our own. Cooking is one of the primary work in life, so let’s start working on that and give our mothers some rest.

One other thing which we all can learn is tree planting, gardening. Mostly, people like doing planting at home but very few of us know how to take care of them. Why not change this in quarantine mode.  This is again another skill need to learn because plant more trees, save the planet.

5. Create the content on Social Media

Yes, you read it write, it is important everybody is more active in quarantine mode and searching for things to do. Help people, put things on social media of what we are doing at home to encourage others to do. Also, putting ideas out there for everybody to do. This can be a very long period and we have to support every person in the world might be your cooking recipe could be helpful for some other person.

Always wanted to start that workout, which is kept on getting delay. Let’s start from today only, and start posting that pics and videos on social media to motivate others to also start their workout at home. Don’t wait for your gym to start again. Motivate people with social distance. #createcontentforlockdown

6. Finish that bucket list of Movies and Series

Last but not at all least we all have our always ready bucket list of movies and series. Why not complete that list. Netflix and chill we always wanted to this for a long time, and now we got the time. Lets to this !!! But not to the point our eyes start to pop out. Keep productivity levels high.

try watching those movies which you usually never watch. Try watching something new.


This period of staying home and protecting from the virus is important to keep ourself healthy and most importantly keeping mental peace in our place. With the world crumbling upside down and all the things around us, there will be hundreds of things which will be different from now when this period will be over.

All these things to do in lockdown are just to keep us engage and productive and constant growth.


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