What is Even Odd pricing? Definition. Psychology, Examples

Even Odd pricing

Even odd pricing is one of the pricing strategies that help set up the price of your products. It widely depends upon your product offering goal. Odd pricing refers to keeping the odd digits at the end of your prices. In contrast, even pricing refers to keeping the even digits at the end of your … Read more

An Ultimate Guide To Pricing Management 2023

Pricing Management

Pricing management is essential in deciding the pricing of your products and services. It shapes the brand image of your business. There are various pricing strategies in the market, and you have to choose your strategy wisely. It depends upon your business goal. Thus, this guide consists of all the essential pricing strategies you can … Read more

Premium Pricing Strategy: Meaning, Strategy, Example

Premium Pricing

In this era of diverse companies and startups, every brand needs to set up its roots in any segment to sustain itself in the industry. Among all the segments, the premium pricing strategy is one of the best as it enhances your brand image and registers more profit for your company.  In this premium price … Read more

Dynamic Prices: Meaning, Types Examples, pros & Cons

Dynamic Prices

Dynamic prices generally mean continual changes in the pricing of products and services. It means increasing and decreasing the prices of your products or services based on time and other various factors. This pricing method is complex to understand and implement. Thus, in this guide, we have mentioned everything you need about dynamic prices.  What … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Price Positioning 

Price Positioning

Price Positioning is essential for setting up your brand image and marketing strategy and differentiating your brand from the competitors. It allows you to set up your brand and its products or services as a lower, mid-range or premium segment in the market.  There are various types of customers in the market; thus, you have … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Price Wars

Price Wars

The price wars is a business strategy where businesses continually reduce prices to gain market share. It is one of the most effective business techniques.  Attracting customers can never end at a point. Thus, we have mentioned the basic and advanced forms of the price war in this article to let you win your business … Read more

An Ultimate Guide To Differential Pricing

Differential Pricing

Differential pricing is one of the most used strategies in the business. You can use it thoroughly for any small or giant business. It has various benefits for the business. Thus, this article has mentioned everything you need to know about differential pricing.  Differential Pricing refers to charging different prices for the same product and … Read more

What is Economy Pricing? Definition, How It Works?, Examples

Economy Pricing

Economy Pricing is a business strategy that helps make the general commodity appealing. It creates a significant price difference between branded and local products.  Most customers look for the prices, and thus all these companies based on the economy pricing work better in the field.  In this article, we will discuss many more details about … Read more

Market Based Pricing- Meaning, Pricing Method, Strategy & Examples

Market Based Pricing

Market Based Pricing is similar to competition based pricing. It asks you to set your prices based on market demand and trends. It is among the best pricing strategies for almost every product or service business.  This guide will discuss every relevant thing about market-based pricing and how to implement it in your business. Let’s … Read more

An Ultimate Guide To Low Cost Strategy 

Low Cost Strategy

Low cost strategy is among the most used approaches. It means to produce a company’s products or services at the lowest possible cost in the entire market.  It will let you control the other aspects of your business much better & it perfectly complements competitor-based pricing. Thus, you will eventually rule the market among all … Read more

An Ultimate Guide To Product Mix Pricing Strategies

Product Mix Pricing Strategy

Even the best suitable product with world-class marketing tactics can only make good sales with the utilized product mix pricing strategies. Therefore, pricing is one of the most significant factors in the buyer’s decision.  It affects the company’s revenue, profit, and overall profile. Even the McKinsey report revealed that a 1% price increment could boost … Read more

What is Economy Pricing Strategy? Definition, Strategy, and Examples

Economy Pricing Strategy

Are you also looking for a detailed guide on Economy Pricing Strategy? If yes, then you’re at the right place!  After researching numerous top-level real-life companies, we have figured out the appropriate definition and implementation of the Economy Pricing Strategy. It is a volume-based strategy where companies seek to serve more and more customers at … Read more