Data Warehouse VS Data Mart

Data Warehouse vs Data Mart

Data warehouse vs data mart are two different topics as data mart is a subset of the data warehouse. It divides them into small units which are called data marts. So, in this blog, we will understand what is data warehouse whole it is different from other terms like database, data mart, data lake.

Voidable Contract Examples- Contract and its Types

Voidable Contract Examples

Voidable contract examples refers to the valid contract which gets rejected at the option of aggrieved party. There is a mutual agreement between the parties which is enforceable by law but stand voidable on grounds of misrepresentation, fraud, coercion, mistake etc. however, it depends on the unbound party to decide at the point whether to make the contract voidable or fulfil the contract obligations by noting on specified issues.

Tax Shield Approach- Depreciation and Interest Tax Shields

Tax Shield Approach

Tax shield approach is termed as the deduction that a business or a corporation can make in its taxable income to reduce their tax burden/obligation. This activity can be achieved by using various expenses like medical, interest, depreciation etc that are tax-deductible. They impact the profits or net income which decreases the tax liability.

Human Resource Branding

Human Resource Branding

Human resource branding is about how the company’s current or future or potential employees think about the company as an employer. So, here in this blog, we will discuss about employer, employee branding- ideas, strategies, process, importance and examples of HR branding

What Is Primary Storage

What Is Primary Storage

What is primary storage? It is referred to as the main memory or internal memory which is located in the motherboard of the CPU. Here are the different types and its comparison with secondary storage

Human Resource Basics – HRP and HRD

Human Resource Basics

Human resource basics refers to the foundation of the human resource management. Human capital though being an asset for the company, cannot be controlled by same methods. Therefore, it requires planning and development for achieving the objectives and goals of the organization.

Mutual funds vs Hedge funds

Mutual funds vs Hedge funds

The concept of mutual funds vs hedge funds determines the points of differences between the two terminologies. The basis for the same can be flexibility, investors, objectives, fund manager, redemption, fees and so on. This classifies that though both the funds need investment and are adopted for earning returns yet they stand at different places in the market.

CRM Analytic | Types and Examples

CRM Analytic

CRM analytics takes into account the customer relationship management in brief by demonstrating the company’s database for efficient decision making in the future. However, there are various industries offering this service for better understanding of the client’s business like ZOHO, SAP etc.

Prime Broker Account- Role And Services

Prime Broker Account

Prime broker account mainly acts as an intermediary which can be an investment company or a large bank offering services relating to hedge funds. The service can be online trade execution, securities lending, risk management etc. There are various kinds of prime brokers in the market depending upon the requirements of the client.

Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility is diversified into several projects mostly related to the environment and agriculture. Which are spread all over the country. One of the basic objectives of Coca Cola CSR is sufficiency and sustainability.