Tax multiplier – Derivation, Formula, and Graphical Representation

Tax multiplier - Derivation, Formula, & Graphical Representation

Tax Multiplier emphasizes the change in the income or GDP level due to the change in taxation levied by the government. The concept covered will be marginal propensity to consume, marginal propensity to save, tax multiplier formula, derivation, examples, graphical representation, government spending multiplier, uses and limitations for the same.

Capital Resources Definition – Types and Examples

Capital Resources

Capital resources definition emphasizes on the man made products and services which are produced with a period of time. It includes tools, machinery, equipment and other items. Examples quoted under capital resources are included in the writing along with the aids of production it provides.

Asset Management Ratios – types, Advantages and disadvantages

Asset Management Ratios

Asset Management ratios therefore signifies the business or a company ablity to utilisize their assets to produce sales. This could further be categorised into different asset turnover ratios along with knowledge of how to improve them corresponding in the working of a business.

Reverse Annuity Mortgage

Reverse Annuity Mortgage

Introduction Reverse annuity mortgage is referred to as a loan against the value of your home. It provides equity against your home without selling or moving out from your home. Plus, it provides more flexibility than other reverse mortgages. It proves to be beneficial for retired people to live their retirement as they dreamed of. … Read more

Dip Financing

Dip Financing

Dip Financing Introduction  Dip Financing refers to debtor in possession(DIP) financing, a form of financing that is provided to companies that filed for bankruptcy. It provides the capital funding for the companies which are surviving in bankruptcy. In this blog on DIP financing, you will learn about what is debtor in Possession (DIP) Financing, the … Read more

Data Lake Architecture

Data Lake Architecture

Introduction  Data lake architecture is designed to help big data of businesses generate new growth opportunities, outperform existing competitors, and provide a seamless customer experience. However, to get the best out of data and thrive in this digital world, enterprises should possess well-curated, good quality data lakes that will empower digital transformation across an enterprise. … Read more

What Is A Factor Market?

What Is Factor Market

What is a factor market: The factor market is referred to all the business resources – land, labour, rent, wages. In the circular flow of income and expenditure economy is divided into firms and households. Where the household sector provides the factors of production to firms and it is called a factor market.

Flexibility Manufacturing System – Objectives and Benefits & levels of FMS

Flexibility Manufacturing System

Flexibility manufacturing system describes the adaption to changes by an organisation for production purpose using technology or strategies. There are three different levels or components of the manufacturing flexibility. Moreover, the advantages of using the system for moving along with market chnages and limitations to use the method are discussed and studied.

Iowa Electronic Markets – People who use IEM

Iowa Electronic Markets

Iowa electronic markets is termed as a experimental market which is not similar to the normal futures markets. It is often used to predict political election results, providing more accuracy than the traditional election poll system. Moroever, the markets are varying into three markets which are discussed further.

Ordinal Utility – indifference curve analysis

Ordinal Utility

Ordinal utility depicts the consumer’s decision making behaviour by the level of satisfaction attained after the consumption of commodities that are arranged in order of preferences. Further, the consumer equilibrium studied is indifference curve analysis using the ordinal utility.

FedEx Human Resources

FedEx Human Resources

The philosophy of creating FedEx human resources and putting people first pays handsome dividends in course of time helping the company to top the list of fortune. There are basically four human resource strategies followed by the company which are studied further.

Channel Management Definition- Types and Process

Channel Management Definition

Channel management definition refers to the technique of choosing an efficient channel partner. Also there are different types of channel management and channel management strategy for easy functioning of the channel partners or intermediaries.