Brand Equity Measurement

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What is Brand Equity? Brand equity refers to the value and strength of a brand in the eyes of consumers. It represents the added value or premium that a product or service with a well-established and recognized brand name commands in the marketplace compared to similar products or services with lesser-known or generic branding. In … Read more

Corporate Branding

Brand Guide

what is corporate branding? Corporate branding, often referred to as company branding, is the practice of establishing and promoting a distinct and cohesive brand identity for a corporation as a whole, rather than for individual products or services within that corporation. Corporate branding aims to create a strong and recognizable brand image that represents the … Read more

Strategic Brand Management

What is strategic brand management? Strategic brand management refers to the deliberate and comprehensive approach a company uses to plan, build, measure, and control its brand assets to achieve specific business goals. It involves the development, maintenance, and enhancement of a brand’s equity, identity, and value in the eyes of consumers. Strategic brand management encompasses … Read more

Branding Strategies

Brand Positioning

what is branding strategy? Branding strategies are well-thought-out plan that defines how a company positions and presents itself to its target audience. It encompasses a set of deliberate actions and decisions aimed at creating a unique and enduring brand identity. This identity encompasses elements such as the company’s name, logo, design, messaging, and values, all … Read more

Understanding Market Segmentation: A Strategic Approach to Success

Market Segmentation

Introduction In today’s competitive business landscape, understanding your target audience is crucial for success. Market segmentation is a strategic approach that allows businesses to break down their broad customer base into smaller, more manageable groups with similar characteristics and needs. This process enables companies to tailor their marketing efforts, products, and services to specific customer … Read more

Target Marketing

What is target marketing? Target market refers to the buyers for whom the product or service is aimed. A target market first is covered in broader aspects like healthcare, travel, technology, etc.. It is created based on a group of people who share the same characteristics like behavioural tendencies, geographic location, and demographic characteristics. Companies … Read more

Product Positioning

Product Positioning

What Is Product Positioning? Product positioning is a strategic decision that companies take to create a distinctive identity for their product in the market, customer’s mind to market the product’s USPs & strengths. It aims to make a clear impact on customer’s perception & to build a favourable effect on customer’s mind & making a … Read more

What is Brand Identity, & How to Create It?

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Brands are making continuous efforts to create a memorable impact in people’s minds. Here, the concept of brand identity comes into play. There are various factors upon which you can create the memorable identity of a brand. Before directly creating it, you have to understand the basics of it. Once you get all of them, … Read more

What are Brand Attributes?

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Brand attributes are called the basic nature of the business. It is basically the personality traits of the company. For instance, the business might have a variety of characteristics such as innovation, consistency, relevancy, uniqueness, and more. This will help you craft your image in the customer’s mindset. Moreover, it also helps your brand to … Read more

8 Effective Steps of Brand Management Strategies

Brand Development

Brand management efforts are one of the essential strategies for any company to grow. It allows the brands to make their position in the market and enhance their persona. Here, you design your brand in a way that allows you to become better than the rest of the market. However, there are a lot of … Read more

What are Competency Management Best Practices?

Competency Management

Competency management is an essential area to be taken care of nowadays. It allows the companies to be prepared for future uncertainties. In this AI-driven world, overall business landscapes are evolving very rapidly. You also have to prepare your employees for changing roles and responsibilities. Here, this funda of competencies of management comes into play. … Read more

What is Corporate Governance? Importance, Principles, and Theories

Corporate governance is the official rules and regulations created by the top authorities of the company. It makes every decision-maker think in the best interest of the company and stakeholders. Traditional marketers and experts have developed phenomena to keep business functions fair and transparent. This governance has a lot of factors to consider. In this … Read more