Horizontal Marketing System


Definition Of Horizontal Marketing System Horizontal marketing system refers to the act where two or more companies unrelated to one another standing at the same level come together to take the advantage of the economies of scale.  Usually, this method of marketing system is opted by the companies who either want to grow or lack human … Read more

Explain the Various Elements of the Marketing Process

Elements of the Marketing Process

Overview Explain the various elements of the marketing process, is a statement that depicts the steps involved for successful marketing and gives an overall glimpse of all the terms. However, a few things must be studied before talking about the same. Marketing Process Steps Marketing is all about creating value for consumers and building relationships … Read more

Market Test

Market Test

What is the market test? In the world of advertising and business, a market test can be defined as a short-term geographical area or demographic grouping used to evaluate the profitability of a particular product or service in a specific market before a broad scale roll-out. This enables businesses to plan their:  pricing  marketing strategy  … Read more

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Definition Objectives of Supply Chain management can be deeply understood after discussing the main concepts.  However, supply chain management is termed as managing the flow of products and services that starts from origin and finishes with the product’s consumption by the customer. It further includes the movement/transport and storage of goods like raw … Read more

Product Hierarchy Example Of Different Product Levels And Models

Product Hierarchy Example

Introduction to product hierarchy example Product hierarchy example is a part of marketing that explains how a product can be categorized using different tools. Knowledge of what happens under this head, we will start with the basic terms to get in-depth knowledge. What is the product? A product is any tangible object which can be … Read more