Societal Marketing Concept

Societal Marketing Concept

Societal marketing concept says that prioritizing consumers’ and society’s interests rather than just thinking about the company’s benefit, no matter what the way is. Societal marketing strategy teaches the organization to consider consumer’s wants, society’s interests, and obviously, the company’s benefit to be more socially and environmentally responsible and build a better image in the … Read more

5 P’s of Marketing- An Ultimate Guide

5 P's of Marketing- An Ultimate Guide

Marketing is a crucial component of any business. It encourages the brand to grow and achieve the heights of success. It will stand your brand out in the market. 5 P’s of Marketing is one of the elements of the marketing process. 5 P’s of the marketing mix is one of the most effective marketing strategies. … Read more

Channel Management Definition- Types and Process

Channel Management Definition

Channel management definition refers to the technique of choosing an efficient channel partner. Also there are different types of channel management and channel management strategy for easy functioning of the channel partners or intermediaries.

Telemarketing Meaning – Advantages and disadvantages

Telemarketing Meaning

Telemarketing meaning explains the contact between the company employees and leads to sell or promote their product. There are two types of telemarket, one inbound and the other outbound which is talked about in brief through different telemarketing examples quoted. Also the advantages and disadvantages of the concept can be studied.

Sales Organisation Structures- Types And Models

Sales Organisation Structures

Sales organisation structures refers to segmentation of sales team by the companies to improve coordination and ensure specialization of work. Furthermore, there are three structure models to specify how individuals work and four structures to depict the division of company sales department.

Computerized Inventory Software

Computerized Inventory Software

Computerized Inventory Software is reffered to system which manages the inventory system easily. In this blog we will discuss the inventory management system, warehouse management, advantages, disadvantages and software examples

Marketing Info Management Definition, Importance And Examples

Marketing Info Management Definition

Marketing info management definition includes a role of marketing information system which provides a system to store all data. However, the marketing information management function has a broader concept to make decisions of the market research organised by the company. It includes distributing the information to the marketers. So that they can make future strategies and reduce mistakes to earn profits or reduce risk.

CRM Analytic | Types and Examples

CRM Analytic

CRM analytics takes into account the customer relationship management in brief by demonstrating the company’s database for efficient decision making in the future. However, there are various industries offering this service for better understanding of the client’s business like ZOHO, SAP etc.

What Is Test Marketing?

What Is Test Marketing

Definition Of Market Test What is test marketing: In the world of advertising and business, a market test can be defined as a short-term geographical area or demographic grouping used to evaluate the profitability of a particular product or service in a specific market before a broad scale roll-out. What Is Test Marketing Test marketing … Read more

ECommerce Customer Relationship Management

ECommerce Customer Relationship Management

Overview E-commerce customer relationship management is different from the traditional business CRM. As, CRM in any e-commerce business involves the recording, tracking and creating customer email and advertisement campaigns. So, this blog is specially created to explains the meaning structure, how it is different from traditional CRM, benefits, examples where eCommerce customer relationship management and … Read more