Iowa Electronic Markets – People who use IEM

Iowa Electronic Markets

Iowa electronic markets is termed as a experimental market which is not similar to the normal futures markets. It is often used to predict political election results, providing more accuracy than the traditional election poll system. Moroever, the markets are varying into three markets which are discussed further.

Ordinal Utility – indifference curve analysis

Ordinal Utility

Ordinal utility depicts the consumer’s decision making behaviour by the level of satisfaction attained after the consumption of commodities that are arranged in order of preferences. Further, the consumer equilibrium studied is indifference curve analysis using the ordinal utility.

FedEx Human Resources

FedEx Human Resources

The philosophy of creating FedEx human resources and putting people first pays handsome dividends in course of time helping the company to top the list of fortune. There are basically four human resource strategies followed by the company which are studied further.

Channel Management Definition- Types and Process

Channel Management Definition

Channel management definition refers to the technique of choosing an efficient channel partner. Also there are different types of channel management and channel management strategy for easy functioning of the channel partners or intermediaries.

Difference Between Bail and Bond

Difference Between Bail And Bond

Difference between bail and bond can be highlighted by using various parameters like nature of money, definition of both concepts etc. Bail explains the security of assurance to release a convict from police custody temporarily until he has to appear for the court judgement while involving 3rd party is termed as bond.

Telemarketing Meaning – Advantages and disadvantages

Telemarketing Meaning

Telemarketing meaning explains the contact between the company employees and leads to sell or promote their product. There are two types of telemarket, one inbound and the other outbound which is talked about in brief through different telemarketing examples quoted. Also the advantages and disadvantages of the concept can be studied.

Demand Forecast Methods – Demand forecasting with Examples

Demand Forecast Methods

Demand forecast methods explain the advance steps taken to analyse the future or expected demands by the company. There are various ways used by the organisations depending on the need of the business. This is further explained with example in detail to elaborate the concept of demand forecasting tehniques.

Employee Engagement Strategies – Practices And levels of engagement

Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee Engagement Strategies refer to the methods used to encourage employees willingness in the company’s future and goals. However, there are different ways to achieve them along with their importance discussed. Further, there are levels of the employee engagement that helps to understand the progress or structure better.

Starbuck Business Model – structure and strategies to work

Starbuck Business Model

Starbuck Business model refers to the management work of the company to run the business successfully with an initiative to generate creative idea of dark premium coffee and customer satisfaction. It further includes the areas of distribution or segmentation and the marketing strategies of Starbucks.

Business Intelligence Benefits | Applications and BI tools

Business Intelligence Benefits

Business intelligence benefits explain the advantages provided by technology based tools that helps the organisation to take predictive decisions. There are various applications of BI along with few examples explained. Moreover, the business intelligence tools are few options discussed that are opted by companies to improve their business.