Advertising Techniques: Definition, Techniques, Types

Advertising techniques allow businesses to inform the audience about their new or existing offerings. However, advertising is not only about informing the audience but convincing them to purchase your product. It is a challenging task to influence someone to purchase your product. 

Advertising Techniques
Advertising Techniques

There are various tried and tested advertising techniques that can help you promote your brand’s offering. In this article, we have covered all the effective and result-driven techniques. Plys, we have also mentioned how you can leverage those persuasive advertising techniques to bring conversions for your brand. 

Without any delay, let’s begin the guide !! 

What are Advertising Techniques?

The advertising technique is a method used by the marketers and advertisers of the company. It helps the company to bring customer’s attention to their products and services. The marketers and advertisers craft a mysterious story around the offered products and services. It encourages customers to learn more about your products/services and purchase them. These techniques allow the brand to survive and grow in the long run. Nowadays, there are various persuasive advertising techniques to help your business increase its brand awareness and grow. 

8 Effective Persuasion Techniques in Advertising 

1. Emotional Appeal

Emotional appeal is one of the most used persuasive advertising advertising techniques in TV ads. In these advertisements, marketers trigger the customer’s emotions, such as fear, death, desire, etc. It directly impacts the customer’s mindset to purchase your products and services. This marketing effort requires the companies to thoroughly understand the targeted customers and their buying habits. Here, customers relate to the advertisement and find their product or service as a solution. Therefore, it widely sells the brand offerings. 

2. Bandwagon Advertising 

Bandwagon is one of the most result-driven persuasion techniques in advertising. It allows the companies to use such words in the ad copies that trigger the FOMO (fear of missing out) in the audience. In simple words, people start feeling that everyone has this product except themselves. Hence, it encourages them to buy this product. For instance, everyone has mobile phones these days, and those who don’t might feel the FOMO for it. Most of the time, MLM companies use such advertising techniques to convince a client by implementing a fear in them that they are missing out on something that everyone has. You should not overuse this technique, as it is not successful in the long run.

3. Storytelling 

There are numerous techniques used by brands to present their products and services in front of their targeted audience. But, storytelling is the most effective persuasion technique in advertising and marketing. Here, marketers narrate a story that makes the audience relate to the product and generate a need for it. A lot of things have changed in the marketing and advertising world. But, storytelling is constant in its importance and effectiveness in the industry. Therefore, in all the advertisements, you will surely find the important role of storytelling in making the ad attractive and relatable. 

4. Color Psychology 

Colour plays an essential role in selling any product or service to customers. Simply put, each colour has its specific psychology that releases different hormones in the customer’s mindset while they see your ads. Every colour triggers different emotions in the mindset. Hence, you have to be careful while choosing the colour arrangement and alignment in your ads. Colours are present in the background, visuals, fonts, and various other branding elements. All these colours should be used strategically, as each colour will have its different role. Moreover, you should also focus on the colours of simple elements such as CTAs. They will widely improve your CTRs. In many brands, you can see that certain colours roll up their entire identity. For example, Coca-Cola is designed with an entire red colour and is easily identified for it. 

5. Endorsements 

Endorsements are one the smart moves to leverage someone else’s credibility to sell your products or services. You would have seen various famous celebs or known personalities doing ads for certain brands. The celebs associate the product with their own lifestyle and promote it in a way so that people purchase it. For instance, you would have various ads of Virat Kohli endorsing all the Puma products in the athlete segment. All emerging athletes in any field see Puma as a premium brand. Therefore, it directly increases the sales of the company’s products. 

6. Direct Gaze 

As the name sounds, Direct Gaze is an advertising technique where advertisement models look straight into your eyes. It attracts people’s attention to your advertisements. This advertising method is derived from hypnosis and is officially known as “the gaze induction technique. ” You will find such marketing tactics widely used in magazines and hoarding of wristwatches and perfume ads. The models in the ads are generally the known ones as per the targeted audience. You can find the likes and dislikes of your audience through their analytical data. This small thing will do miracles in converting the people from your ads. 

7. Social Proofs 

Social proofs or testimonials are one of the persuasive advertising techniques that generate a trust factor in your audience. These proofs and testimonials are widely used in online marketing. Because you need the customers there in order to sell your products or services as social proof, you can also use your previous client case study. It will release a sense of safe and secure intuitions in the customer’s mindset. Therefore, it helps you convince your customers to purchase your brand’s products and services.  

8. Composition 

Composition refers to the placement and alignment of the elements used in the marketing. This advertising technique is equally important to color psychology in gaming the customers’ attention and sustaining them. Compositions are strategically used for many reasons in an advertisement. For instance, it can be used to attract customers to a specific point or visual. Most of the time, you have to use balanced compositions in your ad visuals. You should add simplicity, synchrony, and association as per the Gestalt principle. Nowadays, you can also use AI-generated images to enhance your visual composition with minimal effort. 

9 Major Types of Advertising Methods [Offline & Online Both]

1. Social Media Advertising 

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a greater advertising method that helps you attract and engage your audience. It will also help you to personalize your ads to your targeted audience. In 2023, there are currently 4.88 billion people on social sites whom you can target. In fact, social media marketing spend is going to be USD 350 billion by 2026. There are various social marketing platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. All the platforms have a different set of audience and advertising techniques. You should choose the platform based on where your target audience would be present. 

2. Print Advertising 

Print advertisements are one of the traditional forms of marketing that helps your brand to increase brand awareness. In this method, you advertise your products/services in the physical printed newspaper, magazines, and brochures. Though digital platforms are at their boom, there are many people who still love to read physical content. For instance, people always rush to the newspaper to confirm any news or take the brochure of a new college/institute to understand more about it when they visit physically. In simple words, they are more authentic forms of advertisements. 

3. Online Search Advertising 

People have started spending most of their time on the internet across the globe. This has turned into a great opportunity for businesses to target them over the internet through online advertising. Moreover, there are various tools and techniques that allow you to thoroughly analyze your sales and their sources. There are various online advertising techniques, including PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Display Banners, Native Ads, and more. You can use them based on your targeted audience.  

4. Podcast Advertising 

Nowadays, podcasts are getting so much popularity and buzz. People are now more interested in listening to constructive conversations instead of wasting their time. Companies generally play their ads to these podcasts based on the type of their audience. You should play your ads at the start, middle, or end of the podcast episode. Moreover, the host has to read the script given by the company or their own to promote the company’s products or services. Companies even provide the podcast host with their personalized code to avail heavy discounts on it. These persuasive advertising techniques attract customers and bring good conversions. 

5. Direct Mail Advertising 

Mails are one of the crucial forms of advertising that allows you to make a personalized connection with your customers. Most of the people check their email box on a daily basis to see what they have received. Here, businesses send customized emails to customers consisting of coupons and discount cards. It encourages the customers to be connected to the brand to get additional deals and offers. This method has various advertising techniques that you can use to promote and establish your company. 

6. Guerrilla Advertising 

Guerrilla advertising method is one of the traditional forms of promotions. It consists of various creative and cost-effective advertising techniques to catch the customer’s attention and convert them. For instance, ambient advertising is a method where companies run their advertisements in public places in an unconventional manner. You would have seen various hoardings over the busy roads that attract the audience’s attention and inform them about new or existing products. In this type of advertising, companies often encourage the customers to take some actions. For instance, they can ask the customers to click a picture of their products and post it on social media. In exchange, customers get amazing deals and discounts. It helps the companies to increase their overall awareness and build engagement.  

7. Consumer Generated Advertising 

Consumer-generated advertising has recently been introduced in the marketing world. In this advertisement, consumers generate the content for your brand’s products and services. It has higher CTRs than the rest of the ads and allows customers to trust you more. In such marketing techniques, brands encourage customers to craft content and promote it over social media or other platforms. Users can generate videos, blogs, social posts, testimonials, etc. In this advertising method, customers sometimes automatically create reviews and share them on their behalf. It helps the companies to promote their products and services. 

8. Product Placement Advertising 

Among all the major 9 types of advertising, this method feeds the customer’s mindset with your product subconsciously. You will generally run these ads generally running in the entertainment channels. In entertainment movies or videos, these products are simply based without informing you about the ad. It will make you believe that these products are one the best ones to use because these products are used in some of the movies or web series. If this method is used properly, it will help your brand to increase its awareness, recognition, and interest. 

9. Broadcast Advertising 

Broadcast advertising is one of the most used techniques to reach your brands to your targeted audience. For instance, you can reach your brand and its products/services through TV or radio. Television ads have been one of the most effective ones for a long time. It can drive a lot of quality leads to your business. You can broadcast your brand at the local, regional, or national level. Thus, it allows your brand to target the customers in any area. For instance, you can easily target local area people for your local product through advertising techniques. Similarly, giant companies promote their products and services all over the country through this method. 

Final Verdict 

These are the 9 major types of advertising methods that you can implement in your business. It will help you to reach your targeted audience. Plus, if you also properly implement the above-mentioned persuasion techniques in advertising your products and services, then you will have different level results. 

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