Zoho Email Marketing

Definition of Zoho email marketing

Zoho email marketing automation software is for all business sizes for management and development. The parent company Zoho initially offers an application for CRM ( Customer Relationship Management), productivity, customer service, invoicing and project management. Also, it redesigned Zoho campaigns with a variety of new features like email templates and a drag-and-drop email editor.


This easy-to-use email application provides all services relating to list management, automation, tracking the reports at a reasonable price. A person may also automate the email campaign process and track reports for planning, execution and manage future work. 

Moreover, Zoho email marketing through their experts helps to develop social media via various campaigns to the next level. 

Uses of Zoho Email Marketing

The various Zoho email marketing efforts covered under the campaigns are as follows:

ZOHO Email Marketing
ZOHO Email Marketing
  • Creation of Autoresponders– In case the clients want to increase engagement steadily and move prospects in then this design runs perfectly for the market campaigns.
  • Mass emailing– Secondly, the client list is taken from the Zoho CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) for the company’s promotion, newsletter or other bulk mail memos. The Zoho templates are particularly used for this activity. 
  • Tracking open-click rates– This method whereas, helps to check the effectiveness of the campaign without making any guesswork.
  • A/B Testing– Sometimes the business isn’t sure about the performance of a particular marketing effort as compared to another. However, using the Zoho email marketing system one can do this and predict the true victor. As a result, the business can make future marketing strategies near to the result of the most successful campaign.
  • Social campaigns– However, today Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ allows to post automatically to different social networks with just a click. But, the Zoho email marketing provides detailed analytics about the chosen marketing strategy working at all times.
  • Workflow automation– This standard feature also helps the clients through which certain email actions update contact records inside the Zoho CRM directly.

Note: There can be a few overlaps between Zoho social and Zoho campaigns. This explains that if the client is searching for pure social media then Zoho social is fine. However, with an interest in email marketing then it becomes easier to run campaigns through Zoho campaigns(official way to go email marketing).

Key features of zOHO Email marketing

Key features of ZOHO Email
Key features of ZOHO Email
  • Analytics
  • Mailing list management
  • Automated autoresponders and workflows
  • Integration with Zoho CRM
  • Drag and drop editor
  • A/B test campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Campaigns
  • Customizable layouts and Pre-designed templates

Pricing for Zoho Email Campaigns

Zoho campaigns pricing varies from most Zoho apps, which is based on the number of contacts in the client’s system or the number of emails sent by him and not by the users of the application. Moreover, Zoho refers to these contacts as subscribers to the mailing list.

For example, mostly Zoho apps offer a free plan for campaigns that include sending up to 12000 pm emails with 2000 subscribers. However, features limit leaving out different sending attachments, tracking abilities, polls and any workflow automation. 

Pricing methods are: 

Email-based pricing

1-500 emails per month: $3/mo
501-1000 emails: $5/mo
1001-2500 emails: $9/mo
2501-3000 emails: $10/mo
3001-4000: $12/mo
17,001-18,000: $30.24/mo
25,001-30,000: $38/mo  … and so on

Subscriber-based pricing

1-500 : $5/mo
5001-1000: $10/mo
1001-2500: $25/mo
2501-5000: $45/mo
10,001-11,000: $74/mo
20,001-21,000: $110/mo…..so on 

Email credit-based Pricing

250 credits: $6/mo
500 credits: $12/mo
1000 credits: $22/mo
2000 credits: $40/mo
10,000 credits: $150/mo
25,000 credits: $225/mo
50,000 credits: $450/mo…..so on

Note: This must be noted for email credit-based Zoho campaigns, also that purchasing email credit in advance is a more expensive option. However, it is good in the following situations:

  • There is no surety of the number of emails to be sent.
  • When the client timely needs to stock up on credits.

While Email-based pricing turns good when:

  • When the Monthly email count is consistent.
  • No need for change in plans if the marketing month is steady.


The feature of the Zoho mail CRM includes lead management tools and world-class contact, practice modelling, automated workflows and powerful artificial intelligence-driven solutions to convert leads into actual sales also.


The Zoho mail CRM has a live chat system that avoids the purchase of additional software or switch applications reducing errors and giving more productive realising sales. Also, the client can try the Zoho email marketing application premium features at no cost and look if it fulfils business needs. This can however be done by signing up for the Zoho CRM free trial.

Apart from the above, Zoho also contact relation integrates a business phone system that includes smart call management and analytics tools to ensure effective interaction with customers and prospects.

ZOHO CRM key features

ZOHO CRM Key Features
ZOHO CRM Key Features

Sales Force Automation 

Marketing, support functions and automate routine sales take up valuable work time so that users can concentrate on the customers. Optimized workflows reduce manual data entry, speed up the overall process and eliminate redundancies. ( However, the backward work through salesforce management can be studied in detail).

  • Lead Management
  • Deal Management
  • Contact Management
  • Workflow Automation

Journey Orchestration

It refers to creating a personalized customer journey. Coordinate third-party apps and actions of various departments used by a user organisation to provide a seamless brand experience. Track the journey of prospects and detailed reports of loopholes to know improvement areas.

Process management 

The blueprints play a role here where the sales team at any moment gets to know what can be the next move. The user can define the sales process for the whole team to follow.

  • Sales Process Builder
  • Processing Rules
  • Review Process


The users can have a conversation with customers and notify if someone interacts with the brand. This may include browsing websites, talking about the brand on social media or reading an email.

  • Email
  • Telephony
  • Social
  • Customer portals
  • Reports
  • Analytical components
  • Capabilities 

Sales Enablement

Using the right tools never creates a struggle, which includes access sale scripts quotes and generating price quotes. The Zoho email marketing permits the customers, partners and vendors to add, view or edit information through CRM portals saving time and effort for the team.

  • Quotes and finance
  • Partner portals 
  • Calendar
  • G-suite and office 365

performance management

The users can accelerate sales by accurate forecasts of potential revenue. As a result, the customers can be categorized, set up multiple currencies, prioritize leads with AI predictions and deals that can convert.

  • Forecasting
  • Territory management
  • Gamification

Predictive sales and intelligence

Zia the AI assistant helps to manage CRM data by fetching information required, taking notes, predicting sales, detecting anomalies, automating tasks, etc. 

  • Lead and deal prediction 
  • Zia’s voice
  • Macro suggestions


CRM reflects the uniqueness of every business. As a result, Zoho email marketing moulds the CRM to fit the users business by collecting, viewing information and altering the language or currency used as it suits the business.

  • Layouts
  • Custom components
  • Views and filters
  • Global selling

Marketing Automation

This feature brings the marketing and sales team on the same page. Also, Zoho email marketing generates new leads, execute target campaigns and compare ads integration with other sales revenue. 

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Lead nurturing 
  • Google ads integration
  • Event management

Team collaboration

Tag other reps create groups share sales updates and leaving notes for teammates can be done to ensure work together from anywhere also.


Zoho email marketing offers a variety of integrations for third-party applications for everyday use like DocuSign, LinkedIn sales navigator, Google Drive, Mailchimp, Google Ads etc.

  • Conduct meetings and sales presentations
  • Collaborate with team
  • In-depth sales analytics


The Zoho email marketing understands the balance between giving freedom to employees to do the work and protecting customers data also. As a result, Zoho CRM is successful in fulfilling both requirements.

  • Profiles, roles and teams
  • Data security
  • Compliance

Benefits of ZOHO CRM 

Benefits Of ZOHO CRM
Benefits Of ZOHO CRM

Trust grade 

Giving a solid industry experience to thousands of users with sound profit has developed reputable business applications. Also, being one of the oldest in CRM, Zoho has worked upon what best suits the companies to achieve a long term growth path. However, with upcoming trends, Zoho email marketing helps to build an established reputation with an appreciation of technologies to get business into new areas for growth.

Ease of use 

Zoho ensured software to come up with a dashboard that is functional, elegant, easy to use and intuitive for technophobes so that they could work on their own. Zoho mail has a straightforward, simple and clean interface. The interplay of colours is kept minimum to ensure that users focus on what they want to do rather than design elements.

Immense power

It adds up to the ease for the users to know that Zoho email marketing has a CRM with the interface of a powerful artificial intelligence engine. However, the AI named Zia crunches the numbers and converts them into terms that humans can easily relate to. Even before the chat, the user has the information of the person on the other side and the call can proceed as the user likes. The person inserts questions while the AI Zia marshals correct answers, pronto.

User’s Portal to Social Channels 

By clicking on the social tab available in Zoho mail CRM, the user gets the social dashboard. As a result, the user manages Facebook and Twitter accounts eliminating manual switching of tabs as they proceed inside original social media. However, the Zoho CRM consolidates the profiles under the user’s brand. Next, it completes the syncing part and settings all in real-time. Moreover, it saves time giving greater focus to prospects.

Automate and Map Sale with a Blueprint

Zoho mail CRM provides a blueprint, a charting tool that confines success with a repeatable tool. However, the blueprint feature comes with an editor that model triggers and helps to take actions visually. Moreover, each point of the model is taken as an opportunity. Also, the right actions help in delivering concrete sale results.

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