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Self awareness is an ability to aware of own desires, feelings and skills. Importance of self awareness to focus on yourself in order to improve interactions from others and abilities to achieve the desires. But, problem with self awareness is that it is self analysis. Hurt people are so wrapped up in feelings and emotions that they neglect the feelings of others. We get forced to just focus on our personal needs and want. This make the influence on others to fall, which is sign of low intelligence. Self awareness usually distributed in three levels to simplify the self analysis. Here are some importance of self awareness:

Self Awareness Increases Social Skills

Self awareness makes the creation of relations more successful. It is able to make us aware about things we expect from other people. It creates the emotional intelligence. Lacking with an emotional intelligence in your social habits creates conflicts with people. And, to boost your emotional intelligence by understanding personal ups and downs in emotions. It gives the power to improve the way we handle our relations.

Self Awareness gives ability to learn new things

It creates the awareness about the skills and the quality of adaption person is able to learn. It gives the power to relies the level of satisfaction person have in their lives and the things which they want in their life. Moreover, it helps in understanding the requirements which person needs to survive, grow in their careers, relations. This ability makes person to think what makes them to learn new skills and how these skills will benifits in future.

Self Awareness Open Minds

One of the best thing self-awareness can give to us, which I feel is the ability, open mind in people which gives the room for adaptability. An adaptability in person brings changes in them and let them grow as a person. And, self-growth is the key for the person to have the courage to take up the new things in life.  An open minded person have to ability accepts opinions, feedbacks, criticism and work hard and improve their drawbacks. As a result, you will have have many solutions to the single problem.

Self Awareness Increases Productive Hours

Person who is very well well aware about themselves, knows about their strengths and weakness in life. This helps them to remove the obstacles in day to day life. Not knowing yourself comes as challenge when a person is facing any challenging or uncertain situation. Not knowing thing can cause a lot of waste in resources(time, money) and it promotes the delays in decisions.





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