Unsought Products

What is Unsought Products?

Unsought Products

Unsought products are referred to the products which consumer are unaware of or does not normally buy. Purchase of such goods is usually done out of fear of danger or the ries of danger. 

Unsought product examples are fire extinguishers, life insurance, reference books, and funeral services. 

In the case of unsought goods, a high amount of advertising & aggressive sales techniques are required as the customer is unaware of the benefits or in some cases about the product or has no desire to purchase.

Since there is no immediate & tangible benefit from the purchase, customers often feel no desire to purchase.

Unsought Products Marketing Strategies

It is difficult to market & sells unsought goods as customers don’t have any desire to purchase or they are highly unaware among people. 

Because of such reasons, the marketing of such goods is a little tricky. Here are a few strategies which are usually followed to market such products:

Product Awareness

The most common feature of unsighted products is unawareness of the products. So the first thing is to do to aware people of the product. 

Like, in the 1950s in India people were unaware of the concept of insurance, at that point, LIC started its journey by awaring people about life insurance and its benefits. 

Usually creating awareness becomes important because people don’t know that there is such kind of product & they need the such product.

So while promoting a product the key pointers are to include name, price, benefits, value & purpose.  

Product Demonstration 

Since people are not aware of an unsought product, their working &  importance the marketing campaigns includes the demonstration of the products. 

In some cases, people hesitate to buy such a product because the working of the product is unclear. So, demonstrating the product will help the customer to believe that the product is useful & can solve some issues.

With product demonstration, a consumer is more likely to buy a product. 

Direct Selling 

Direct selling is one of the strategies which can be used to boost initial sales. It’s important for businesses while introducing an unsought product to introduce & sell the product in person. Direct selling has been proven as one of the best ways to generate sales. 

For example, there are mostly insurance agents who sell insurance. Because customer wants someone to understand their issues and provide the service according to them. 

Emphasizing Benefits

All products provide someone with incentives to buy them. This can include making them look better, helping them solve a problem, getting a task done more quickly or boosting their self-esteem. Because every business needs to explain how the product is beneficial for the consumer. 

In comparison to normal goods elaborating about the unsought product, benefits are more important, as the awareness of the product is low. So the emphasis on the benefits will help in not only understanding the product but also it’s functioning. 

Challenges Of Marketing Unsought Goods

Since the market positioning of these products is so uncertain that it states challenges while marketing them. 

Products Are Related to Unfortunate Events

These products can be unknown to the consumer or their relevance is accredited by some unpleasant event in life. For example burial plot’s association with dying, which dissuades people from purchasing. It doesn’t have any imitate benefits to the consumer and that’s why it can turn buyers away. 

Unawareness Of The Products

Another reason that unsought products faces challenges in marketing are the unawareness of the product. One of the key factors to consider in this scenario is that the marketing campaigns will only show results in the long term. 

As the campaigns will be mostly about generating awareness about the product, so the results will be seen after a long-time and spending an enormous amount of money.

Products Bought Out of Fear

Fear, for example, is a classic motivator. Consider unsought goods such as accidental death insurance. Discussing the negative consequences of not purchasing the item can motivate consumers to buy, but it is a risky strategy that doesn’t always pay off. For one thing, leveraging fear is not always ethical. For another, it can be easily ignored by customers with low motivation or interest. The message needs to be executed carefully so it doesn’t exaggerate product claims.

Many marketing campaigns with different strategies and tactics have been used to make a campaign successful. But every marketer needs to understand that selling unsought products is that after a certain time each strategy or tactic will be less efficient.


What are unsought goods?

Goods & services which the consumers are unaware of or the products which bought out of fear of danger or some rise of danger, such kind of products are called unsought products. In most cases, people are not aware of the product.

To sell these products, companies have to spend very big bucks on marketing. And mostly on creating awareness about the product. 

How are unsought products marketed?

Most unsought goods have to lack awareness among consumers, and for such products, it is important to create awareness first. Secondly, it is important to promote these products in person. Also, an explanation of the product has been proven to be one of the most successful ways.

What Are The examples of unsought products?

Fire extinguishers, life insurance, reference books funeral services etc, are a few examples of unsought products. 

Why is it difficult to sell unsought products?

Unsought products are very difficult to market because most consumers are unaware of them and do not want to buy them. These products were not sought after for a long time until huge advertisements, personal selling, and referral groups made consumers aware of them and converted them to sought products.

What are convenience and unsought goods?

Consumer products are defined as products that satisfy a consumer’s wants or needs. There are four types of consumer products, and they are convenience, shopping, speciality, and unsought. Convenience products are low cost, routine, low involvement, wide target market, and easily available.

What are new unsought products?

An unsought product is a product of which consumers are unaware or are not that interested in actively pursuing the purchase. A high degree of marketing, including heavy advertising and aggressive sales techniques, is often necessary due to consumer unawareness of the product or no real desire to purchase it.

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