Societal Marketing Concept

Societal marketing concept says that prioritizing consumers’ and society’s interests rather than just thinking about the company’s benefit, no matter what the way is.

Societal marketing strategy teaches the organization to consider consumer’s wants, society’s interests, and obviously, the company’s benefit to be more socially and environmentally responsible and build a better image in the market in front of the consumers. 

All these social tactics help brands and companies to grow exponentially by also fulfilling their essential responsibility toward society. 

Societal Marketing Concept

This article will give you an in-depth glance at societal marketing companies and how they are more beneficial than other types of companies.

Without any further delay, let’s get started!! 

What Is Societal Marketing Concept?

The societal marketing concept refers to the consideration of the wants of customers, the requirements of the company, and the long-term interest of society, before making any marketing decision. Only this marketing decision is proven the best possible for society’s welfare and the company’s benefit. 

Philip Kotler said,

“The societal marketing meaning is defined as the company’s task to analyze the needs, wants and interest of the target markets and deliver the desired products/services in a way more efficient manner than your competitors along with maintaining the consumer’s and society’s well-being. “

Several people connect societal marketing with social marketing and social media marketing, but they are not relatable. Societal marketing is related to CSR and sustainable development. Thus, Societal marketing helps companies to develop a favorable image in the market, which increases their sales.

Societal marketing teaches us to understand social responsibilities and sustains them. Thus, it teaches us to meet the needs and wants of consumers and businesses, along with taking care of our responsibility toward social and environmental life. All organizations need to take the environmental threat seriously and work accordingly. 

Societal Marketing Objectives 

We have mentioned some of the fundamental objectives of societal marketing:

  • Societal marketing is basically for the welfare of society, thus for consumers. Hence, it helps in setting up a long-term relationship with the customers called consumer relationship management (CRM). 
  • It aims to create a better image of your company than your competitors. 
  • Every individual and organization has some of its responsibilities toward society. Thus, it fulfills those responsibilities. 
  • Societal marketing companies end up having a vast market share and consumer base. 
  • The societal marketing strategy also develops the awareness and credibility of a brand towards its community. 

Goals of The Societal Marketing

The societal marketing concept is not a mere marketing concept.

  • The fundamental goal of societal marketing is to make the company aware of their social and environmental responsibilities toward society. 
  • The societal marketing strategy also encourages other organizations to understand and take responsibility. 
  • Societal marketing helps save our ecosystem and spread awareness among all at a comprehensive level. 
  • Societal marketing develops some of the ethics in both bigger and smaller organizations. 

3 Consideration of Societal Marketing Concept

When companies set up their marketing strategies, they should consider three things very carefully and intelligently:

Consideration of Societal Marketing Concept
Consideration of Societal Marketing Concept

Company’s Profit

Companies are there to do business and earn profits based on their products/services, investments, and ethics. The societal marketing concept helps companies to establish long-term relationships with their customers and increase their wealth. 

Wants of the Consumers

The products/services you’re providing in the market should satisfy the consumers and are designed based on the needs of the consumers. You’ll have an incredible product/service journey if you successfully satisfy the consumer’s needs. Hence, you will have a loyal customer base. Hence all 4 P’s of marketing & all the marketing elements are designed accordingly.

Society’s Interest

Companies and consumers are not out of society; social contrinbutiond impacts both significantly. Thus, it is essential for a company, too, to fulfill its responsibility towards society. Therefore, it also connects your brands to the consumers long-term. 

Societal Marketing Advantages and Benefits

The societal marketing concept has several advantages and benefits. In this section, we will tell you about the significant advantages and benefits of societal marketing so that you can decide whether it is relevant or valuable to your organization or not. 

Let’s begin with the advantages and benefits:

Societal Marketing Advantages
Societal Marketing Advantages

Builds Better Image 

Societal marketing strategy is based upon the concept that you should sell your products/services considering the social welfare in your mind. Thus, you should take care of the norms set by society and work under those norms so as not to harm society in any manner. 

All these actions under the societal marketing concept help companies and brands to build their image in the market. Therefore, you will get more exposure to the customers and get a good image in their eyes. 

Provides You The Competitive Edge

When societal marketing companies start putting their efforts in the direction of society, consumers and the company’s benefit simultaneously, they start creating their place in the market. Thus, they start getting more recognition than their competitors. 

It will help give you a competitive advantage, which eventually helps your brand set up an inevitable brand image. Thus, make a separate image in the market of full hassle-bustle.   

Customer Retention

The societal marketing concept is not an easy step for any company because you have to sacrifice so many secret profits and maintain absolute transparency with environmental and societal considerations. Although this societal marketing concept touches the consumers’ hearts, they start connecting with your brand. 

Why would customers leave you if you take care of your consumers and take action based on their demand? Hence, you won’t lose any customers and will have the entire customer retention, which won’t allow you to take any worries regarding customer retention.

Expansion and Growth

When you make your products/services based upon the welfare of society and consumers, then people start connecting with your brand, which provides you with a more extensive and loyal customer base. Thus, it helps your brand or company to grow and expand more. 

When any company understands the needs and wants of the consumers and moulds their products or services on their demand, they establish a long-term relationship with them, thus growing at an exponential level. You can take the example of any successful company, and you will find such societal marketing traits in their work ethics. 

Improves the Living Standards of People

When prominent brands adopt the societal marketing concept and consider the consumer’s and society’s benefits equally as the company’s, you can say it will also positively impact the consumer’s life.  

When consumers and society genuine products and companies don’t cheat them to earn any excessive profit or hidden profit, their standard of life increases along with the ecological balance. 

Real-Life Societal Marketing Examples 

There are several societal marketing examples out there in the global market, and all of them are very successful in their career due to their concern for the consumers and society. 

We have hand-picked some of the top-notch companies’ names in this section:



Adidas is the top leading sportswear company and has an excellent brand image in the global market. It is really one of the fine societal marketing examples in the entire market. Following the societal marketing concept, Adidas is deeply committed to manufacturing products they can recycle and reuse very effortlessly. 



Coca-Cola is a soft drink manufacturing company, and they are also profoundly committed to fulfilling its social and environmental responsibility through the distribution of its products worldwide. 

Kia’s “Hero Journey”


You have also heard the name of Kia’s “Hero Journey”, in which they have removed the usage of the spirit from their company to fulfill their social and environmental responsibility. Thus, they are at the heights of success. 

Instruments of Societal Marketing

Philip Kotler was one of the most prominent marketers, and he categorized the products in 4 ways under the long-term benefits and immediate satisfaction:

Instruments of Societal Marketing
Instruments of Societal Marketing

Deficient Products

Deficient products are products that neither have the scope of long-term benefits nor provide immediate satisfaction. 

Philip Kotler has suggested that companies try to eliminate deficient products from the market as much as possible. 

Pleasing Products

Pleasing products are the types of products that provide instant pleasure to the customers, but they harm the long-term game. 

Philip Kotler said that Pleasing Products should be modified so that they can provide both short-term benefits and long-term benefits. 

Salutary Products

Salutary products are the type of products that provide low benefits in the short-term benefits to the Nut Benefit society in the long term. 

Philip Kotler said, “Likewise the Pleasing Products, Salutary products should also be modified to provide both short-term and long-term benefit. 

Desirable Products

Desirable products are more a kind of an on-demand product. They have both immediate satisfaction and long-term benefits. 

Simply put, Philip Kotler wanted these products to be entirely beneficial for the customers at every level. Thus, it will make the products more beneficial for the consumers and maintain societal well-being. 

Final Verdict 

We have covered everything about the societal marketing concept in this article, and we hope you like this article and will surely use the societal marketing strategies in your company. 

So many medium-sized and giant companies have already applied this concept. So hurry up, and take action. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the societal marketing concept?

Societal marketing meaning- It refers to the consideration of the wants of customers, the requirements of the company, and the long-term interest of society, before making any marketing decision.

What is societal marketing concept by Philip Kotler?

According to Philip Kotler:

“Societal marketing meaning is defined as the company’s task to analyze the needs, wants and interest of the target markets and deliver the desired products/services in a way more efficient manner than your competitors along with maintaining the consumer’s and society’s well-being. “

What is social marketing with example?

In social marketing, the product is a behavior change or a shift in attitude. For example, a campaign may be designed to increase condom use or to convince adolescents that spreading rumours is harmful or dangerous.

What are the key features of societal marketing concept?

Social marketing uses principles from commercial marketing and the social sciences to change people’s behaviour for the social good – to benefit both individuals and the wider society.

  • Behaviour.
  • Customer orientation.
  • Theory.
  • Insight.
  • Exchange.
  • Competition.
  • Segmentation.
  • Methods mix.
Why is social marketing important?

Social marketers promote social, environmental, and economic issues. They raise hunger, poverty, sustainability, education, public health, and global warming problems.

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