10 Top-Notch Print Advertising Examples In 2023

Print advertising is one of the traditional and effective ways to enhance your brand visibility. It allows you to promote your brand on just a single sheet of paper. The visuals and copy simultaneously work here to demonstrate the main motto of the advertisement. 

Print advertisements are creative work and require a lot of research and deep thinking to showcase your point. This blog post has mentioned 10 top-notch print advertising examples with their analytical pattern. Every example has a certain unique quality, due to which it goes viral. Some pictures trigger emotions, show a connection, give logic, etc, to attract the reader’s attention.

Without any further delay, let’s begin with the examples !! 

What is Print Advertising? 

Print advertising refers to written or printed advertisements in various publications. These are published in journals, direct mail, magazines, and newspapers. Businesses attract new potential customers by using these influential ads. You can even attach the link with these printed ads so that the customers can be directly redirected to your web page or landing page. 

Print Advertising
Print Advertising

These traditional print advertisements used to be the best form of ads in the market. But currently, marketers are spending more money on print ads on digital channels. For instance, over your website, online ads, social media pages and more. Print advertising can help establish a better business connection with its audience. 

10 Top-Notch Examples of Print Advertising In 2023

1. KFC: Clever Move Towards Brand Redemption 

In the USA, there was a chicken outbreak for a while. It has widely impacted the fast-food giant KFC, as they have to temporarily close hundreds of their franchises. Chicken is their signature product that might make them a huge loss of finances and loyal customers. However, the company has responded very creatively to the scenario and turned it into an opportunity for themselves instead. 

KFC’s 1,000+ restaurants have suddenly become chicken-less. So, they crafted an apology ad with the help of their ad creative agency. The ad demonstrates the real-life frustration of the consumers and applies a clever apology to them. They have even created a new acronym, “FCK.” The honest humor of KFC has been widely appreciated over social media. 

This print advertising campaign has demonstrated its power, as it has healed a brand from a PR crisis. Instead of a simple apology, they used bright humor, which was quite relevant for the users, and they connected with it. Therefore, it has increased the customer’s trust and loyalty. 

2. Ecovias Body Art Campaign: A Creative Stand Against Reckless Driving

Ecovia is a non-profit organization that has crafted a very creative ad campaign. They have created thought-provoking body art to demonstrate their “Stop The Violence” campaign against reckless driving. This image is just a single example, as there were so many other such photos as well. All of them were showing the bad conditions of people due to car collisions. 

Through these creative ads, Ecovia has left an impact on residents’ minds. In simple words, the designed images have triggered their emotional area. This print advertising campaign has proven the effectiveness of advertisements in people’s minds. Therefore, you can also trigger people’s emotions and influence them for your business if you somehow catch their emotional nerves.

3. Heinz: Realistic and Complementary Visuals 

Heinz has created one of its iconic print advertisements, generating a big applause of profit for the company. In the print ad, they have properly utilized realistic visuals in their ad copy. For instance, Heinz has implemented the tomato step atop its ketchup bottle. It has given the ketchup bottle a natural and fresh outlook and crafted a belief that they use fresh items in their sauce. Moreover, their headline, “No one grows Ketchup like Heinz,” has also supported the visual. 

Therefore, picture visuals are not limited to the bright and eye-catching visuals. It is also an important part, but most importantly, your visual and headline should complement the entire ad copy. Plus, you should also leave some blank space in the image, as it gives it a more professional look. In this way, you can greatly impact the customer’s mindset. 

4. Apple: A Compelling Headline 

Apple has launched one of its iconic print ads years back for its iMac series. They have crafted a compelling headline that caught millions’ attention during the ’90s. The headline was “The Thrill of Surfing, The Agony of Choosing a Color.” It was one of the most appealing ads for the creative class that has left a great impact on the ideal audience of Apple. The company has very well dealt with the issue of different colors and changed the perspective of the customers effortlessly. 

5. Chupa Chups: Creative Ads About Limited Sugar Consumption

Chupa Chups is a prominent candy manufacturer in the world. They have recently launched their sugar-free lollipop. In order to highlight its sugar-free aspect, they have crafted a copy with a lollipop near matching ants. However, ants avoid marching towards the lollipop. This indicates that the lollipop had no sugar in it. Chupa Chups has used the print advertising method to promote their ad campaign. 

Moreover, they have also added a tagline – “Sugar? No, thanks.” When customers listen to the tagline while seeing this creative image, people will properly understand that it contains absolutely no sugar. In this way, Chupa Chups has humorously demonstrated their no-sugar lollipops. They have not gone even into more technicalities, which often bore the audience. They have also shown that it’s a healthier option now. 

6. Canadian Food Bank: Attach Your Contact Information 

The Canadian Food Bank campaign has taught us a very important lesson about print advertising strategies. As print ads don’t have much of the space available, you can include all of your social handles. But you should include at least one of your relevant contact information. It allows your customers to take the immediate CTA (Call-To-Action). 

If you’re a retailer, then you should provide your store address and weekend shopping hours. You can even provide your contact number. Companies with ecommerce stores should provide their store’s link so that customers can directly buy the products. It is one of the best examples of print advertising. You will have many leads through this one simple change in your strategy. 

7. Toyota RAV4: Amazing Story 

During the promotion of the Toyota RAV4 model, the company has taught us a lot about the advertisements. It can be called the best print advertising example in the history of car manufacturers. They have aligned the visuals and copy in this limited-space advertisement. In simple words, It has grabbed the reader’s attention through its visuals and informs the reader through the copy. 

For instance, this snowfall picture shows how warm this car can keep you in the heavy winters. Therefore, it can be one of the best choices for the people living in the winter areas. In fact, the ad copy written is also showing the same. It becomes more compelling due to the same message the visual and copy give. 

8. Keloptic: Van Gogh Focus Advertisement 

Keloptic has recently launched a print advertisement. It is probably the best possible print advertising example, as they have very well used the visuals in their campaign. First, they showed a blurred image of Van Gogh and suddenly, their Keloptic glasses appeared and made the picture clear. 

In this way, Keloptic wisely used the famous painting to attract the audience’s attention and clarify their ad intention. People simply understand the use of glasses and craft a belief that they will have clear vision after wearing these glasses. This advertisement has made everyone experience the vision of those glasses. You can also create creative print ads for your brand products. It will help you gain the customer’s attention and bring sales. 

9. Jeep: Represent Its Off-Road Capabilities 

Jeep has crafted an amazing and compelling ad campaign to demonstrate its off-road capabilities. They have created a simple ad consisting of a Giraffe or Penguin with a tagline: “See whatever you want to see. Go wherever you want to go.”  

This print advertising method of Jeep has taken an emotional side and makes its vehicle familiar for any adventurous trip. The Jeep creative team didn’t go into the technical details, instead leaving a belief that their automobile is the best when it comes to the adventurous trip. Moreover, the associated Giraffe and Penguin connect this car with the rough and tough roads of the Jungle. 

10. Pedigree: A Strong and Compelling Ad For Pet Adoption 

Pedigree has recently crafted an ad campaign promoting awareness of pet adoption. This two-sided identical photograph created by the company has demonstrated two phases of life. In one, a person is shown the bore of his life, while in another, a person has a pet to play with and smile with. 

In this way, the company has portrayed the importance of having a pet in the life of people. Dogs can easily bring joy and fulfillment to our lives. You can grasp it just by looking at the expression of the person. This before-and-after image has made people instantly thoughtful. This image got a lot of appreciation over social media, and it has widely impacted the overall branding of Pedigree.

Wrap Up 

These are the best print advertising examples across social media. Every example mentioned in this article has a certain quality, due to which they have received a lot of attention from people around the globe. We have mentioned the quality of each ad post that can inspire you to create your print advertisements.  

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