Marketing Management: Definition, Importance, Function, and Elements 

Marketing management is a key aspect of a business. It consists of managing all the marketing efforts and the people related to it. Managing the market will help you grow your business significantly. Because major aspects of business are related to the marketing efforts that can help you directly influence the customers. 

There are various things that you should know about marketing before properly applying it to your company. In this guide, we have mentioned the definition, importance, functions, and elements of marketing management

Without any delay, let’s dive in !! 

What is Marketing Management? 

Marketing management is the process of controlling and operating various marketing activities and their related employees. Here, marketing activities are customer insights, tracking metrics, and internal optimization, and relevant people are managers, marketing professionals, contractors etc. There are various strategies, tools, and analyses used in the marketing area to grow a business in the marketing world. 

Marketing Management
Marketing Management

You have to develop various strategic marketing programs, processes, and activities. It helps the marketing managers to improve the company’s overall marketing game. In this way, you can satisfy more customers and boost your profit margins. Market research allows you to make the right decisions for your business. This research includes considering key demographics, competitive research, pricing and more.  

The Marketing Management Definition 

“Marketing management is defined as the process of planning and executing newly research-based concepts, price, promotion, and distribution of the latest ideas, goods, and services that can help you craft exchanges to satisfy the customers and hit the organization’s goals and objectives.”

Simplifying the definition, you can define marketing management as a process where you have to analyze, plan, implement, and control goods, services, and ideas related to your business. 

It basically works on the idea of exchange. It helps you satisfy more customers related to products and services. Moreover, it also helps the organizations to achieve their regular goals and objectives. 

What is Digital Marketing Management?

Digital marketing management refers to a particular branch of marketing management that helps you plan, execute, and supervise your digital marketing strategies and activities. In this marketing method, you have to consider all the impactful digital channels, platforms, and technologies to promote products, services, and your entire brand in the market. Currently, it is the time of the internet and social media. Thus, it has widely increased the importance of digital marketing efforts for a business. 

Why is Marketing Management Important?

Marketing management refers to a business phenomenon where you create a compelling plan to showcase your brand’s products and services appropriately. It helps the companies to build a consumer base by implementing the best practices. It is a more competitive world now. Thus, your business needs more competitive strategies. Therefore, managing the market gives you the liberty to research various essential business elements and people to win the business game. 

8 Major Functions of Marketing Management 

There are various basic functions of marketing in every business based on its particular nature. 


1. Selling 

Marketing and sales have a very close relationship in a business. Customers come into the marketing funnels and give sales to the companies. Therefore, it can help you get more sales by utilizing the CRM debase.

2. Pricing 

Marketing pricing is the responsibility of managers and other marketing professionals for setting up the prices of your products and services. Before finalizing a price, your managers have to consider costing competitive prices and then plan accordingly. 

3. Promotion 

Promoting the products/services or entire brand is one of the major functions of marketing managers. There are various types of promotional methods in the market, including digital advertising, content marketing, PR, and more. All these methods help your company grow. 

4. Market Research

Market research refers to analyzing the customer demographics to target more specific customers. Plus, it will also help you better your customer targeting because you will know all the buying patterns of your customers. 

5. Transportation 

Logistics is a crucial marketing management function of business, as it allows your business to deliver the right products to required customers on time. Nowadays, people generally check out the products over their mobile phones or laptops and first experience the product when it is delivered. Therefore, it is essential to have safe and secure transit of goods and services. 

6. Financing 

Marketing also helps in managing the finances of a brand. When a company has healthy finances, you can run better campaigns, hunt leads, and convert them into potential buyers. 

7. Distribution 

Distribution channels are also finalized through managing the market. It helps you choose the easy and effective medium.  

8. Product Management 

Marketing efforts are also close to the product management department. Both departments have to simultaneously create a product that satisfies all the practical demands of the company. The product should completely satisfy the required functioning, features, costing, and all other customer preferences.  

5 Main Elements of Marketing Management 


1. Marketing Plan 

A marketing plan refers to a document that consists of the company’s overall marketing strategies. A step-by-step way to execute all the marketing strategies is mentioned in this plan. Plus, it also covers the required marketing budget.

2. Goal Setting 

Every marketing strategy has several goals and objectives that are required to be achieved under certain deadlines. Managing the market requires you to understand and change various factors that can influence the customer. Thus, it helps you generate more sales and revenue. 

3. Marketing Mix 

Marketing Mix refers to the trendy 5Ps of marketing

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • People

All the marketing strategies are crafted considering these 5Ps of the company. If these 5Ps of your company are strategically decided, then you will surely see growth in the company. Under this strategy, you fix your product, promotions and others. 

4. Marketing Budget

Marketing budget refers to the capital required to manage all your business expenses and make space for profits. Here, you have to manage the cost of products/services to generate maximum possible profits. 

5. Market Research 

Marketing has a crucial element known as market research. In this research, you have to analyze the needs and preferences of customers. Furthermore, you have to check why they need those particular products or services. It will help you identify the potential succeeding highlights and challenges for your business. In this way, you can develop a great marketing plan after thorough research. 

6. Relationship Building

Marketing has a wide responsibility to attract new customers and maintain good relationships with the existing customers. It will also help you influence the customers to spread word-of-mouth of your business. Technically speaking, when the customers thoroughly understand your product. And, if your digital and social media content consistently engages them, then customers generally do not hesitate to invest in your products and services. 

Wrap Up 

Marketing management is one of the essential aspects of the business. It allows you to generate more revenue and sales by making changes based on customer preferences. We hope this guide helps you find every essential thing about managing the market.  

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