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Emerging enterprise network applications are constantly changing with the advancement in technology. So, in this blog, you will get an understanding of what is an enterprise network, about enterprise networking architecture. Afterwards, there will topic of currently emerging technologies in networking- their meaning and what will be their application in an organization. Later, the current emerging enterprise network applications- their meaning connections to technology and their applications in an organization. Finally, how enterprising networking cisco has been done and its benefits.

What is Enterprise Network?

An enterprise network is referred to as the IT infrastructure which includes physical and virtual setups to provide connectivity among all the users and systems. Plus to connect them with an organization cloud server or data centres.

Mostly, mid-size and large organization build this IT infrastructure to provide better digital connectivity and security among employees, partners, customers, shareholders etc. 

Enterprise Networking Architecture

Before understanding the emerging enterprise network applications and technologies, it is important to understand what is an enterprise network and the components of IT architecture. The networking architecture of any organizations consists of the same components. However, the objective and the purpose of each organization with networking architecture is different. Here are the basic components of every enterprise networking architecture. 

Components of Enterprise Networking Architecture
Components of Enterprise Networking Architecture

Datacenter and hybrid clouds

As the data of every organization is getting bigger and bigger. So, the organization need the centre for maintaining and keeping the data secure.

Data centres and hybrid clouds are connected to applications, work centres – premises. It can be connected to the private or public cloud. It provides efficiency, security, reliability.

Campus, branch, and Internet of Things (IoT)

These networks provide more density in devices to an organization. They connect the applications within and outside the office premises. Like, branch office, workstation, units etc.

Plus, it provides connectivity over small issues or units. Mostly, because of their transparency and security of data their applications are one of the emerging enterprise network applications.

Wide-area networks (WANs)

Wide – area networks are used to connect the devices and application within the campus, to other branches, to data centres, to cloud services. It is one of the oldest types of networking in organizations but is still considered the safest and reliable networks.

WANs create one of the best user experience and it improves the organization’s efficiency and productivity.

Emerging Technologies In Enterprise Network

There are many different emerging enterprise network applications and emerging technologies in the enterprise network which changing the working style of an organization.

As the working culture in an organization is changing with changing wold after COVID-19 and regular working from home. Organizations are focusing more on emerging technologies in networking. For these reasons organizations always expecting:

1. Better connectivity
2. Quick Sharing
3. Security
4. Integrate Enterprise

So, with the changing demand, the supply of technology is also changing. Here are the emerging networking technologies which organization are adopting and the world is shifting towards:

Emerging Technologies In Enterprise Network
Emerging Technologies In Enterprise Network

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most dynamic and emerging technology. It is human intelligence in a machine. These machines are designed to think and mimic like humans. Mostly, it is used in learning and problem-solving.

So, in the case of organizations, AI is becoming a great useful technology for data analytics, data scientists.

Data is one of the dynamic problems and to find business solutions from data, AI is a reliable technology.

Now, as in the case of emerging technology in networking artificial intelligence provides fast algorithms for faster networking within the applications. Plus, it troubleshoots threats and networking. Moreover, artificial intelligence has proven as one of the most cost-effective in maintaining and improving communication speeds. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed network that is used to transfer required data from the cloud centre to the edge where the data is a need. It improves response time and efficiency. 

Edge computing is an emerging enterprise network applications is a consumer-focused technology as its mostly used in information gathering.

For example: In the logistic industry, each centre has there own database of fleet management as well as the database from headquarters.

The objective of edge computing to create small data services at the one edge (where it is required) of the cloud instead of dropping data in the centre. As it helps in reducing loading speed and cost, improves business efficiency. 

Cloud Repatriation

Cloud reparation is one of the emerging technology in networking and it started boosting in the year 2018. As an organization started to give more importance to the private clouds servers over public servers.

Cloud reparation is shifting workloads from public clouds to local or personal cloud environments.

Like, many companies were using public clouds facilities like google, dropbox etc. But, to have better security, cost efficiency and other specified requirements, organizations have shifted to local cloud servers. 

These clouds serve architecture are designed according to the need and requirement of companies. As a result, it provides a personalised and productive experience.  


5G as one of the emerging enterprise network applications. Still, the 5G is about to launch in many places in the world. But, organization, users are ready to adopt the high-speed internet. 5G not only provides high speed but it is efficient in connecting multiple devices and network slicing as well.

Network slicing is referred to spreading a network into subnetworks. It creates multiple virtual networks under the same IT infrastructure to fulfil different applications requirements. It improves connectivity and data transfer.

5G has the potential to change the wifi structure in the industry to 5G technology.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things is referred to as connecting the unconnected element to the internet. Most of the things in the world are not connected to the internet. As the world is relying more on the internet for problem-solving, so it getting important to connect the unconnected.

IoT is becoming big in the business sector as communication and data transfer is getting easier. Moreover, companies can analyse consumer behaviour to improve quality, price profit etc.

Also, here are the five emerging technologies in the world of networking. These technologies influence emerging enterprise network applications.

Emerging Enterprise Network Applications

With the changing technologies, the working applications are constantly changing. As offices are shifting in peoples home, enterprise networking has become an important concern. So, organizations need to focus on emerging enterprise network applications. Here are the five emerging enterprise network applications:

Emerging Enterprise Networks
Emerging Enterprise Networks

Digitized Spaces

Team digital spaces refer to geographic and demographic data which will able to tell the person’s exact location.

However, the application of digital space expects to change the retail industry. Whereas the store will precisely be able to tell how many customers are there in the neighbourhood and how many of them are approaching their store. 

Likely, a retail store will exactly know the time when a customer is going to redeem their voucher or coupon.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is an up-gradation in current Wi-Fi speed which is protocol in wide use, 802.11ac. As compared to the 2.4GHz frequencies, Wi-Fi 6 will have high speed, more efficiency.

Moreover, Wi-Fi 6 expects to connect more devices in a single space with high speed. Another name for Wi-Fi 6 is 802.11ax.

Wi-Fi 6 is one of the most promising emerging enterprise network applications as it expects to increase the speed, reliability, security of communication.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial intelligence. It is the process of data analytics to make the process of data building automatic. With artificial intelligence, organizations have depended upon machines for their problem-solving. So, it’s equally important to understand the working and how the pieces connect and how they rely on each other.

With the help of a machine, learning organizations can build an automated process for learning from data, identifying patterns and making decisions with a minimum amount of human involvement.

Furthermore, as one of the popular emerging enterprise network applications, Machine layering helps to find patterns in customers data to find solutions product, quality etc.


As we discussed earlier the 5G, will change the organization’s connectivity and improve the network sliding operations.

Moreover, it will impact the small organization that have small or no IT infrastructure. Whereas, with such high speed and cost efficiency, small organizations can build a strong IT structure.

As a result, it will impact the internet of things to improve and to connect the unconnected dots. 5G expects emerging enterprise network applications in small organizations.


Sd-WAN stands for software-defined networking in a wide area network. These networks are the applications of edge computing.

Earlier large organizations use to create the database of all the network and each employee no matter their role and or place needs to access the data from the same database.

But with SD-WAN organizations have created a small database like a separate database for branch offices or different departments. It will not only improve the speed but also it will create a quick response time and less loading stress on the server.

For instance, an organization has three branch offices and a headquarter, if a branch office requires to access the database. Instead of connecting to the main server SD-WAN will connect the employee to the nearest cloud. 

Here were the five emerging enterprise network applications which are currently organizations opting or working to opt for these applications. 

Enterprise Networking Cisco

Cisco is an  America based technology conglomerate. They develop, manufactures and sells networking software, hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.


Enterprise networking cisco has an advance solution to emerging enterprise network applications, security, etc.

They provide:

  • SD-Access
  • DNA Analytics and Assurance
  • Enterprise Network Security
  • Cisco SD-WAN Solutions
  • Catalyst multigigabit switching technology​
  • Meraki cloud-managed networking
Enterprise networking cisco provides solutions to:
1. Gaining 360-degree network visibility
2. Security
3. wired and wireless access
4. WAN networks with software-defined networking

Organizations can also work on optimising emerging enterprise network applications like:

  1. cloud applications
  2. mobile workforce
  3. Internet of Things (IoT)

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