Everything You Need To Know About Brand Elements [2023 Guide]

Brand elements are the different design elements of an online business that help a brand create its unique and separate brand identity. You have to choose these elements carefully on the basis of your brand mission and vision. Typically, there are 8 elements that you should include in your brand to create your unique identity in the market.  

This blog consists of everything from “what is brand element” and ”how you should choose elements for your brand.” It will help you properly understand them and create your own brand in a proper manner. Without any delay, let’s dive in! 

What are Brand Elements?


Brand elements refer to the unique design elements of your business, including your name, Logo, graphics, colour palette, and more. All these elements combine and create a whole different image of your brand. In simple words, a brand known for its unique elements in the world sets you apart from your competitors.

Brand Elements Meaning 

Brand elements are the traits and factors that differentiate a brand from the rest of the market. These elements are used to create a uniqueness of your brand in the market through its Logo, taglines, brand name, packaging and others. 

Importance of Brand Strategy Elements 

Brand elements are used to create a unique and cohesive brand image. A business will only be able to establish its different place in the market with these brand identity elements. 

There are various important elements of brand strategy that include the Logo, fonts, colour, and more to establish a different identity. Let’s look at some genuine points that define why these elements are important. 

  • Provides A Unique Identity: The elements of the brand, including name, colour palette, Logo, etc., are the tangible and intangible attributes that give a unique identity to your brand.
  • Eases Marketing: When a brand has clear and concise elements, it aids in marketing efforts to the world. 
  • Earn the Trust of Customers: The essential elements of a brand help the business to define its different image in the market, allowing the brand to earn the trust of customers. 
  • Creates Your Brand Desirable Workplace: Having a defined brand element increases the brand value of your workplace. It results in creating a desirable workplace for many job seekers. 
  • Increase your product/service value: All these marketing elements give your brand an additional edge and increase the value of your products and services. 

8 Essential Elements of Brand Identity 

How to Create a Brand Identity
How to Create a Brand Identity

1. Brand Name 

The brand name is an essential factor that defines what your brand is all about to the consumers within one or a few words. Every customer first hears your brand’s name before listening to your product or service offerings. Thus, it is essential to keep your brand name correctly based on several factors, including how you want to portray your brand, the name availability, and its alignment with your brand mission and vision. A brand name also helps you to separate your identity from the rest of the market competitors. 

2. Color Palette 

A brand needs to decide on a certain color theme for all of its other elements in marketing, such as Logo, promotional content, graphics and more. Because the color theme is the foremost visual identity that a user sees in your brand, and it reminds them about your brand whenever they see that color theme. It is also known as color psychology in the business, which plays with the customer’s mindset and makes your business recognizable to them. It would help if you chose the color palette based on your desired brand persona. 

3. Graphics 

After the Logo, a brand is predominantly recognized by its graphics used over various platforms. Therefore, you should keep a consistent design for your social graphics and images in your promotional or marketing content. In simple words, you should crop all the photos in a similar manner, use similar filters, and more to relate your graphics with your brand. This brand element will help you to establish a better connection with your customers. 

4. Logo 

The Logo is a brand’s second most considerable element after its name. For instance, imagine Starbucks; you will most probably remember its Logo. All human brains are wired this way, meaning they better remember the visuals instead of any name. Therefore, it is essential to create a logo that is relevant to the brand and easy to remember. For example, Apple is one of the brand names that is easy to remember with its Logo. Such brand names easily fit into the customer’s mindset and make your brand recognizable at first glance. 

5. Typography 

Typography means the same fonts used over your entire business elements to give it a consistent image. Simply, when your brand uses similar typography across all the platforms, customers will easily recognize them. Plus, your content creators and designers also find creating content around the brand easy to use the same fonts. You can create your own typography based on your logo style, which complements your overall brand image and elements. 

6. Slogan 

The slogan is one of the essential brand elements marketing factors that can make your brand easily recognizable. This slogan or tagline should be directly related to the emotions associated with your brand. For instance, you must have heard the famous slogan of Nike, “Just Do It,” which represents the inspirational emotions of the brand. Therefore, the athletes are more related to Nike, which plays a vital role in the brand’s overall image. 

7. Brand Voice 

Brand voice directly refers to the tone that your brand utilizes to communicate with your customers across the promotional and marketing content. For instance, you could be funny, sarcastic, professional, etc., based on your desired or set brand personality. We would recommend you choose your brand voice from the first day based on the personality you want for your brand. 

8. Shape 

Shape is one of the unique elements of brand identity that differentiates your products from the rest of the market. In simple words, when you’re entering into an already established or competitive market, you have to present your brand personality differently. This can become your USP. For instance, perfume brands create their own space by introducing varied designs of perfume bottles. You can also take the example of Samsung’s foldable mobile phones, which makes them unique from the rest in the entire mobile phone segment. 

5 Essential Criteria For Choosing Brand Elements 

1. Memorability: The elements of a brand should be easily remembered in the human brain like “Ghadi.” It allows the brand name to be called and recalled by more customers. 

2. Likability: The information you provide regarding your brand can be more than product or service-relevant. Instead, it could also be likable to make your brand recognized. For instance, you can check out McDonald’s famous tagline, “I’m lovin’ it.”

3. Meaningfulness: You should choose the elements that properly convey your product category or benefits regarding it. For instance, Parle-G is also called Glucose Biscuit, which shows the brand’s benefit after consumption. 

4. Adaptability: The elements should be adaptable with time, as all customers want a brand to update their Logo or other elements. Brands generally update their Logo to renew their brand identity.  

5. Transferability: You should choose the elements that can be changed upon introducing any new product line or brand extension. It also helps your brand to be familiar with varied cultures and backgrounds.  

3 Popular Brand Elements Examples 

1. Disney 

Disney is one of the great examples of brand elements. It is a digital service platform providing extraordinary watching experiences to its users. It offers various TV shows, animated films, Movies, Web series, and more. If you look at the branding elements of Disney, you will find the world remembering. Everyone is familiar with Disney’s famous Logo, eye-catching graphics, images, and more. As this brand is all about digital watching, they have created their brand as an incredible experience. 

2. Adobe 

Adobe is one of the leading sensation editing platforms for graphics and video editing. The brand is known for its creativity and innovation, which are also reflected in its elements. Video editing and graphic designing is the field of innovation. Thus, Adobe has decided to create its elements as innovative and creative. Generally, Adobe is the first to launch any new upcoming product in the industry. In fact, they are the first to properly incorporate AI into their editing software to effortlessly produce creative edits. 

3. Dollar Shave Club 

Dollar Shave Club is also one of the leading companies with exciting elements. It is also a great example of brand elements. They have a unique logo, impactful brand message, consistent online presence across various channels, and a humorous brand voice. Their marketing elements and marketing tactics are amazing and always give an edge to their brand. 

Wrapping Up 

The elements of a brand are the uniquely designed elements that help a brand to create its identity amongst the customers. We hope this guide helps you understand all the concepts regarding the elements of the brand. 

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