What Is Test Marketing?

What Is Test Marketing

Definition Of Market Test What is test marketing: In the world of advertising and business, a market test can be defined as a short-term geographical area or demographic grouping used to evaluate the profitability of a particular product or service in a specific market before a broad scale roll-out. What Is Test Marketing Test marketing … Read more

Margin of Safety Percentage

Margin of Safety

Overview of margin of safety percentage Margin of safety percentage refers to the method by which the margin of safety is calculated. As a result, there needs to be a brief understanding of the break-even analysis and the concept of margin of safety which are as follows: Break-even point  The break-even level or break-even point (base … Read more

ECommerce Customer Relationship Management

ECommerce Customer Relationship Management

Overview E-commerce customer relationship management is different from the traditional business CRM. As, CRM in any e-commerce business involves the recording, tracking and creating customer email and advertisement campaigns. So, this blog is specially created to explains the meaning structure, how it is different from traditional CRM, benefits, examples where eCommerce customer relationship management and … Read more

Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone Case Study

Introduction Vodafone Case study describes the situation when  Idea Cellular and Vodafone after the entrance of JIO. So, here is the Vodafone case study which describes the position of Vodafone and Idea Cellular before and post-merger, reasons for the merger, how did merger take place and critical analyses of the merger. About Vodafone  Vodafone company … Read more

Banking Domain Concepts

Banking Domain Concepts

Definition of banking domain concepts Banking domain concepts refers to the various areas or components for which the knowledge is collected to understand how the specific field or banking segments operate around the products and services, sales and distribution, customers, process, technology and people.  Brief about the Banking Domain Concepts A bank is a regulated and … Read more

Zoho Email Marketing


Definition of Zoho email marketing Zoho email marketing automation software is for all business sizes for management and development. The parent company Zoho initially offers an application for CRM ( Customer Relationship Management), productivity, customer service, invoicing and project management. Also, it redesigned Zoho campaigns with a variety of new features like email templates and … Read more

Prime Brokerage Accounting

Prime Brokerage Accounting

Definition of Prime brokerage accounting Prime brokerage accounting refers to dealing with a bunch of services that financial institutions and investment banks offer to large investment clients, private equity firms, wealthy investors and hedge fund that require borrowing of cash or securities to engage in netting for absolute returns. The services covered under prime brokerage … Read more

Airbnb Marketing Strategy- Complete Case Study

Airbnb Marketing Strategy

Air Bed And Breakfast Airbnb marketing strategy starts with the name of the company. Air Bed and Breakfast(Airbnb ) is based in San Francisco, California. It operates in an online marketplace and provides services like homestays, vacation rentals for holidays and vacation activities etc. Bookings for these stays and activities can be booked on the … Read more

Balanced Funds Definition (Hybrid Fund)-Features And Advantages

Balanced Funds Definition

What are Balanced Funds? Balanced funds definition indicates the mutual funds that constitute a bond, a stock or often a money market component in an individual portfolio/asset class.                                              However, balanced funds definition includes … Read more

Human Resource Databases

Human Resource Databases

What Is Human Resource Database? Human resource databases refer to data related to organization, employees etc which is stored in one place.  Data stored in the HR database includes employees details like personal information, training, salary details, reimbursement, worksheet, time chart etc. Secondly, data related to recruitment, transportation, expenses, clients, customer relationship management, finance, production … Read more

Sales Force Definition – Objectives And Process With Examples

Sales Force Definition

Definition Sales force definition described as the muscles behind the marketing plans. Salesforce is referred to the management employees responsible for making the sale. Thus, these are called the mussels which are used to execute the marketing plans and strategies. Another point that is included in the sales force definition is these forces operations include … Read more

What is Preference Share- Features, Formula & Examples

What is Preference Share

What is Preference Share? A preference share is a special category of dividends that are paid before the common stock dividends are issued. Moreover, the shareholders of preference shares hold preferential rights while sharing profits over the common stockholders.  Suppose, if a company faces bankruptcy, then the shareholders of the preference shares have the first … Read more

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