Self Awareness| Levels Of Self Awareness

Self awareness is an awareness of our self, with our self-being which is makes unique identity. These components are refers to our emotions, thoughts, skills, abilities, experiences.

In 1972 Shelley Duval and Robert Wicklund have first described the term Self-awareness. According to them, at a present people can focus on either on your self and other.

Self awareness is being aware about ourselves and comparing external behavior to internal values and believes. Moreover, Self awareness gives sense of interaction, expectation from life and the control over regular work or jobs.

Below there are three level of self awareness which a person needs to aware about in their life.

What we are doing?


This is the very first thing which we need to be always aware about what we are doing in life, where we are heading in life. For example problems in relationships, struggles in career, issues with health, feeling uncertain about the future. Human have the tendency to avoid facing the problems or things which gives pain.

What is required the most to be aware about distractions, things distracts the most and control over distractions and not distractions control you. For example checking phones while working or studying is a distraction and to control the phone checking which will not disturb your work.

Secondly, which we need to learn is about removing distraction. Like why do we need keep phones on table we are working, put phones on silent or do not disturb mode. Final goal is to eliminate regularity of habits of distraction.

To finish distractions from life, first be aware about habits. Observe yourself!! A simple understanding of our mind is the first level of awareness. A t very first you have to be aware about the path on which we are moving before thinking about the reason for those path.

What we are feeling?

People find it difficult when they are trying to remove themselves from distractions in life they caught up more in those distractions. As a result, they feel more frustrated and even meditation freaks them out. Medication is the exercise and training to be more focused in life and less distracted.

In order to do so, therapy is one solution to get more aware about feelings. Guidance can hep you to understand your emotions in a way you need to understand.

Secondly, next level of awareness is realising what we feel about people and things around us. Moreover, person needs to understand the way of expressing those feelings in right way. People usually bottle up these feelings in their life. And, once people remove these situations and context they realize they are very sensitive. And all the time they were ignoring their feelings because they thought it will make them feel weak.

What are the unseen areas in life?

There are areas in life which are unseen because of tendency to ignore something especially because it is difficult or unpleasant. People find things in life, which can be some skills or things to difficult to attain. Furtherly, there are things and people which can make some people unpleasant. So, to be aware about these things and people is the next level of awareness after feelings.

Hold weaker opinions. The simple thing to understand that is that if any one of us is not an expert in any field, so our most of the assumptions related to the field are also wrong. We all can practice a habit of just thinking that their is a chance that I can be wrong about this, it gives you the an open mind to listen and accept a new fact.

Take yourself less seriously. Our general consideration is our thoughts and behavior are caused because of our emotions. The only drawback in this thing is that our emotions are meaningless or  wrong most of the time.








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