Hey. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.

I’m from New Delhi and I have always been in this city. By this day, I want to say I know this place by heart but I still feels I can’t. Over the years this city has grew so much on me that now it will be difficult for me to call any other city my home. People find it strange but the noise, metro, race trap of big cities feels comfortable and home to me.

Currently I’am pursuing my MBA in marketing due to this I was introduced to website creation and web planning. Before this I thought this takes a lot of efforts and specialized knowledge to even begin this work. But, reading online and guidance in my life told me how easy it is. 

Life is not always easy for me, I was an average student in school and the place where I come from it becomes a great deal if a person do not do well in academics. Due to this I tired many things in life and started to put a lot efforts and hard work in things which gave me two good things in my life for which I am always blessed: Theater and Good Score in High School.

I was 15 when I went to my first theater workshop. It was easy, natural and I was praised a lot (not lying) and because of this I kept on going. The most amazing thing I learned from there is, it only us who make thing complicated. And, we have the ability to make things simple. Things can be as simple as we want them in our lives or as complicated as we want.

I have tried and learnt many things in life and got failed in couple of them which made me think again about my believe earlier. Even, the downfalls taught me to believe more in the fact it can help us. This made me to write about the things which we all have forgotten because they were too simple. Lets start think and bring those small things which were too simple.


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