Environmental Scanning in Strategic Management

Environmental Scanning in Strategic Management

Definition  Environmental scanning in strategic management is termed as the utilisation and possession of information regarding patterns, relationships, occasions and trends within a company’s external and internal environment that impact the future and current strategies. An environment should be scanned to determine forecasts and growth of the factors that influence an organisation’s success. As a … Read more

Executive Development In HRM

Executive Development In HRM

Introduction Executive development in hrm is one of the forms of training programs which are conducted in an organization. It allows employees to be better leaders and improve their performance. On the other hand, top management can identify future leaders. This form of training includes theoretical and practical knowledge. An executive development program enhances the … Read more

Horizontal Marketing System


Definition Of Horizontal Marketing System Horizontal marketing system refers to the act where two or more companies unrelated to one another standing at the same level come together to take the advantage of the economies of scale.  Usually, this method of marketing system is opted by the companies who either want to grow or lack human … Read more

Business Analyst Case Studies

Business Analyst Case Studies

Overview Business analyst case studies are used to give a near world exposure of a business analyst. So, in this post, we will be discussing what is business analysis, what is the business analyst, what are the requirements and strategies of an analyst. Plus, a business case analysis example for better understanding. Let’s start with … Read more

Explain the Various Elements of the Marketing Process

Elements of the Marketing Process

Overview Explain the various elements of the marketing process, is a statement that depicts the steps involved for successful marketing and gives an overall glimpse of all the terms. However, a few things must be studied before talking about the same. Marketing Process Steps Marketing is all about creating value for consumers and building relationships … Read more

Market Test

Market Test

What is the market test? In the world of advertising and business, a market test can be defined as a short-term geographical area or demographic grouping used to evaluate the profitability of a particular product or service in a specific market before a broad scale roll-out. This enables businesses to plan their:  pricing  marketing strategy  … Read more

Zomato Marketing

Zomato Marketing Business Model

Overview Zomato marketing initially started with the growing use of mobile phones in the late 2000s. Further, which increased the opportunities for facilities that the magic box can provide to the users. However, the company took time to grow with a new idea to develop which is presented below: Zomato Marketing Case Study Just like … Read more

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Definition Objectives of Supply Chain management can be deeply understood after discussing the main concepts.  However, supply chain management is termed as managing the flow of products and services that starts from origin and finishes with the product’s consumption by the customer. It further includes the movement/transport and storage of goods like raw … Read more

What is Employee Retention meaning?- Importance, Reasons, Strategy

Employee Retention Meaning

What is Employee Retention? Employee retention meaning depicts the different practices and tactics that make the employees stick for a longer period to the organisation. The organisation trains the employee and invests time in them as a result they are at a loss if the employees leave the job. Employee retention meaning thus explains the … Read more

Demerger Example, Meaning, Reasons, Type, Advantage & Disadvantage

Demerger Example

Definition Demerger example can be quoted in different ways depending upon the type of the demerger. However, we need to discuss some basic definitions to get a better understanding. A demerger meaning is termed as the transfer of business undertakings to other company. Therefore, the company who receives the undertakings is called the resulting company. … Read more

Baumol’s Sales Maximisation Model – Revenue & Profit Maximisation

Baumol’s Sales Maximisation Model

Objective Baumol’s sales maximisation model has two important subheads revenue maximisation profit maximisation theory which together explains the idea behind maximising the sales.  Therefore we will take a quick overview of the two concepts first which are as follows: Revenue maximisation Revenue maximisation refers to the maximising of sales in a business using various techniques … Read more

MRTS In Economics-Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution| MPL, MRS

Diminishing MRTS In Economics

Overview MRTS in economics refers to the Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution which is termed as the slope of isoquant.  Isoquants are defined almost the same as the indifference curve with few changes. As a result, we will take a quick look at isoquants before studying MRTS in economics in detail.  Isoquants An isoquant is a level … Read more